we agreed being paid for bukkake doesn’t sound as bad as it should

Lung at Whytecliff Park 365:2010/04/07 - whytecliff park spotted seal

Lung left Vancouver this week for Montreal to pack up his life and move it back here by driving it cross country. I miss him when he’s gone, though it’s fairly often, given how much he gets to travel, so I’m fairly used to it. As a fond farewell, we went out to Whytecliff park for a picnic of some strawberries and my best sandwiches, havarti, smoked turkey, tomatoe, and lettuce on finnish loaf with mayonnaise, mustard, and black pepper. We talked about sex and where we want to live and what improbable things we might do for incredible gobs of money. I spotted a seal in the water, initially mistaking it for a dog, and took a 365 shot I don’t mind too much. Mostly, though, it was just nice to spend time outside, somewhere we both like. It was a good goodbye.