Think globally, act locally

  • A clear explanation as to why the pseudo-science “Body Mass Index” doesn’t mean a thing.
  • Targeted magnetic fields can make people more inclined to judge outcomes, not intentions.

    We all stand like angels, every one of us, wings folded against uncertain futures, a string of decisions defining our wake. We stand like angels as we live, individual, unique. I want from you, you want from me, motivations building opportunities for happiness every day.

    Someone shouted at me from a car earlier today, calling me a hateful bitch when I responded to his catcalls with, “You’re being rude.” But you know what? I try to live well. I recycle, I use my purchasing dollar to support fair business, I pirate media but introduce it to people I know will buy it. I send TED talks out to everyone possible. I fight for science, literacy, and higher quality education. I encourage small, easy changes, like only using cold water for laundry, as well as the more difficult ones, like refusing to back down when people ask “what’s the harm in holistic medicine?”. I believe in equal rights, supporting charity, and changing the current paradigm with better information architecture. Plus, last time I heard, I’m phenomenal with the kissing. Guy in the car? You’re an ass. Go suck rotten lemons.

  • tulle, fire-spinning, and poetry

    Apartment To-Do List

  • Sell giant mirror.
  • Paint my room white.
  • Paint the livingroom white. Update: purchased one pail of white paint
  • Paint the mirror frames.
  • Obtain cat-resistant curtains.
  • Obtain new bed sheets.
  • Obtain new underwire underwear. Breakout Bras had Harlequins on sale!
  • Reorganize hall closet.
  • Frame the posters/art. Framed: one portrait of my mother.
  • Find my bloody tutu. Found! Apparently I crammed over 26 meters of tulle into a tiny shoebox under my bed.

    Heading down to Seattle again this weekend, this time to catch my friend’s 14-piece rock circus band, The Mutaytor, as they take the stage at Neumos on Sunday. They’re actually playing Whistler’s snowboarding festival tomorrow night, but trying to trek after them is a task out of my league. Better to just stay put and let them come to me!

    Also upcoming, the Vancouver Poetry Slam Finals on Monday. Even if you’re like me and mostly skip every single other slam for the entire year, (poetry slam drama bingo anyone?), this is the Big Show, the one not to miss, where the best of the best of this year’s contentants duke it out literary style to make it onto the next Van Slam Poetry Team and onward to the International Finals!