why does it hurt?!

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    I had thought to go to the doctor today and get a reference to the UBC Dept of Sports medicine, (there are multiple walk-in clinics in my neighborhood), but apparently I am still too much of a wreck to negotiate complicated topography, e.g. stairs. As such, I am stuck in my apartment, popping ibuprofen, nestled in ice-packs, ankle up, arm in a sling, trying not to despair too hard at the world. Given that sitting about doing nothing is a sure fire way to drive me crazy, I tried catching up on some of the transcription work I have that’s due at the end of the month, only to find out that typing for longer than four minutes feels like fire’s been injected directly into the veins of my left arm. Another fail. This leaves me too passive for words, which I hate, so instead of typing, I tried calling various financial services I’ve been meaning to call, to try and see if there’s anything that can be done about my EI debt. Short story long, no, apparently there isn’t, what the government wants, the government gets, but a credit counselor will look into it and we’ll have an appointment anyways. (At one point it was suggested that I investigate disability options and try and find out if my car accident damage counts me as a legal cripple, because I’m not already feeling bad enough about myself and situation. Yay.) Now, all options exhausted, I’m trying to make dinner with only one hand, while standing on only one leg. So far, I’ve diced a potato and almost my thumb. I hate that so little feels like such a victory.