Sunday Tea!

Just a reminder…

Sunday Tea is a roving weekly social event, an open-invite social salon where we might gather and be social over tea, nibbles, and more tea.

If you’re reading this, you and your delightful friends are invited, along with your favourite treats!
So come on down and catch up before I flee the country, off to bake in the Nevada desert at Black Rock City.

David & Jhayne’s
560 mclean dr

365 days one hundred & sixty-two: being my friend

Sunday ยท 12:00 – 5:30

BYOTasties. We have two tea-pots and many, many cups. We’ll be making mason jars of iced-tea ahead of time to help conquer the heat.

Allergy Alert: Two cats on premises. One rabbit on the porch.

ps. Weather permitting, we’re planning on trying to make sun-tea, (SCIENCE!!).

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