five dollar books for you to eat

Hey Folks, I’ve still got a load of five dollar books for sale. See something you like, drop me a line and it’s yours!

•The Family Tree, by Sheri S. Tepper.
•The Fresco, by Sheri S. Tepper
•Raising the Stones, by Sheri S. Tepper

•Where is Joe Merchant?, by Jimmy Buffet
•Tales from Margaritaville: Fictional Facts and Factual Fictions, by Jimmy Buffet

•A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, by Mark Twain
•A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, by James Joyce
•Agnes And The Hitman, by Jennifer Cruise and Bob Mayer (hardback)
•An Area of Darkness, V. S. Naipaul, (hardback, import)
•Any Human Heart, by William Boyd
•Don Quixote, In Memorian to Identidy, by Kathy Acker
•Future Primitive, by Zerzan
•Hannibal, by Thoma Harris
Moar reading! Classics, sillies, and lots of words!