making a google map from me to you

David and I have had a house guest this week, Andrew, a nice stranger from Montreal, a friend of a friend who, when moving here, suddenly found himself without a place to live. He was going to be here two or three weeks, but he’s already found an apartment, which means he moves out today. Serendipitous, as my uncle John arrives from New Orlean’s tomorrow, so now we can offer him a place to stay, too. Only the couch for the first while, but then my room while I am away.

Strange to think that I’ll be flying to New York in approximately ten days. I’m still utterly fuzzy on what I’m going to be doing there, besides visiting with Van Sise and Vitka and Mordecai. I have a few things solid, like visiting the Guggenhiem and MoMa, making sure to catch the Alexander McQueen exhibit there, and trying to score cheap tickets to Fuerza Bruta, but I’m still searching for suggestions.

So, beautiful people, I’m going to be in New York from May 21st to June 2nd. Where should I go?