I’m ready for your love

Canadian chocolate, it’ll break your knees. Wait, what?

The closer I get to stepping on a plane, the more of New Wave I’m apparently listening to for an ultimate dose of positive reinforcement. Excitement has been building up in my body, buzzing in my chest and cooling my stomach at random moments of smiling memory. It’s so natural, I’m not even worried. Well, not about Mike, at any rate. No – even better. My primitive and peculiar social structures extend over the mountains. I realized today that not only is Calgary home to the man who was my very first boyfriend, but also my ex-boyfriend who’s since been declared a relative.* And, just for fun, they’re friends.

Oh, my convoluted family, how I love you all. I’m hoping to get to Silva and Amber’s wedding photos soon. They have been languishing, (yes languishing – a person with the right flavour ears can hear them crying), on my hard-drive, just waiting for me to have the time to process them and pick out the good ones. I’m thinking they’ll have to wait until I get back from Calgary, however, as people have continued kindly sending me requests for photos, (I’m at $130, can you believe it?), and those, being monetary, have priority. That I’ve managed to survive the past year without a Real Job is nothing short of extraordinary.

New York manhole covers, forged barefoot in India.

*the term boyfriend as used here is inaccurate, but close enough for rock and roll. Also, I am hilarious.

a quick, useless note before bed: we’re all related because we say so

I have decided my family tree isn’t even a bush. It’s a tesseract. My day began crawling out of bed at Alastair’s, (who briefly dated Kelly, one of Antony’s co-workers), stealing a pair of his pants, coming home, slipping on the corset Antony gave me over one of his left-behind shirts, then taking part in my godmother Silva and her partner Amber‘s coyote-blessed Jewish/Hopi wedding. (Where I found out that her nephew used to be my friend Elliot’s wife’s roommate for many years). After the wedding was concluded and the reception wrapped up, I was dropped off by my not-actually-aunt Terry, (one of Silva’s best friends), at Eaon‘s birthday party, (who was best friends with Silva’s ex-partner’s daughter), who then introduced me (to simplify things) as his sister-in-law on the basis that he’s slept with my not-actually-sister, the ex-step-daughter, and I’ve slept with his not-actually-brother, Antony, so therefore

I am beginning to believe I have reached a social event horizon.

To tie it all together in a nice neat loop, last time Antony was in town, I brought him to Silva’s for nummy birthday cake. (And with that, the use of the word nummy, (is that even in the dictionary?), I am giving up and going to bed. Night all. Congratulate Silva here and Amber here)