I need to remember to eat something

I love bio-feedback. Today, in spite of having a thousand chores ahead of me, (FTX West 2006, Michael‘s birthday, SinCity), and feeling like I’ve been wasting my day, (laundry’s only half done and it’s nearing the end of the afternoone), the pervasive feeling that I’ve been emotionally living under an underpass has been adequately banished by the laughter from last night. Intermediate social cohesion is a really good trick. I have a heavy chemical reaction to charming people, the more clever my company, the more comfortable I feel, as if I can only relax when I’m with people I can trust to simply take care of things, so last night was perfect. No stress. Most of this week, actually, has been useful that way. I’ve been spending time with older friends and it shows, I think, in my reclaimed stability.