Craigslist Items

Jenn and I did something heroic yesterday – all of my taxes from 1999-2009. I’ve never filed before, so it was a fairly epic tour of paperwork and numbers that took from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. that I couldn’t have done without her. Now that we’re finished, it’s official: I’ve always been poor. According to the numbers, I’ve never even made enough to hit the poverty line. Instead, I’m far beneath it. Forget turtles, it’s been struggle, all the way down.

In the face of that, and as part of my latest effort to combat poverty, I’ve started listing things on Craigslist again. Not very much, as I don’t have very much, but fingers crossed! It’s always nice to pass things on to people who want them, like this morning when someone gave me ten dollars for my white hard hat to finish off their Chilean Miner Halloween costume.

More items will be added later as I continue my quest to tidy house and sell what I can to help feed the cats.

  • Bella Hair Dryer – $10
  • Brother MFC-465CN Color Fax/Printer/Scanner/Copier w. Networking – $80
  • Child’s Tiger Costume – $15
  • Misc CDs – $1
  • Misc VHS – $1
  • Multipet Ba-Da-Beam Rotating Laser Cat Toy – $10

  • Obus Forme Variable Speed Massager – $35
  • Ron English: Abject Expressionism – $35
  • Seabiscuit: An American Legend – $2
  • Toshiba SD-V392 DVD/VCR Combo, Silver – $80
  • Willy Wonka tin lunchbox – $30

    Giant freaking mirror – $15:

    It’s huge! It’s awesome! It’s too wide for the lame ass studs in our wall! Giant unframed mirror, 4 feet by 6.5, big big big, and damned lovable! How big is that? Freaking gigantic! You know you want it, you know you need it, how sleek, how elegant! Exclamation mark! Finally, a way to check yourself head to toe. Rawr. Go get em, tiger! It’s big, unframed, and lightly tinted, so lights will not reflect on the surface like knives in your eye! Wow! Now that’s service! Perfect for the gym, home dance studio, a hallway by the door, a personal dungeon, the ceiling over your bed! Makes every room seem bigger. We don’t care what you do with it, we just want it gone!