mass meet-up’s are so in style

This year VANCOUVER ZOMBIEWALK will be shambling on August 19th.
Maybe with a beach party.

Starting at 3pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Howe and Robson).

To combat zombie exhaustion the route will be shorter!

To combat zombie boredom the route will be different!

To combat zombie short attention spans more info will come closer to the date.

. . . although these are really the only things you need to know.

Mark your calendars!

I’m at my mother‘s right now, wondering where the paperwork that was to be waiting for me is hiding in the massive piles of stuff that occlude her kitchen. It’s an oven here, perspiringly humid, especially the top floor where I am, tucked in next to antique stereo equipment and a massive plastic castle. She’s out house-hunting the Drive today, trying to find somewhere for her and the boys to live now that her school is done and her student housing’s run out. She’s been looking into grants, too, that would let her buy a house, but even with all of the bursaries and interest free loans and special dispensations for single mothers from the government, Vancouver prices are so exceedingly high that she could only raise half a mortgage downpayment. We’ve been talking about how we could fund-raise to get the rest, but I’m not sure what we could do. I’m thinking a website not unlike the one that belonged to that ditzy girl that had the internet pay her foolish credit card bills, but with perks for donors. She’s a musician, we know creative people, I’m sure we could work something out. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be appreciated.

What: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
When: Movie starts at midnight on Thursday and it will be busy so meet at 10:30. If you’ll be late, get someone to get tickets for you.
Where: The Paramount theatre, downtown at the corner of Burrard and Smithe
Who: You & anyone else you’d like to bring!

In a similar vein, though on a much smaller scale, is there anyone interested in being press-ganged by two fascinating women? Silva, my mother.2, and I need a human or two at her house to help shift some small furniture around either Monday or Tuesday afternoon. It’s a job that would take us an entire exhausting day, but an able-bodied person could handle it with us in just a few hours. You would get the extraordinary gift of her company and possibly some traditional you’re-bodily-helping-in-the-summertime lemonade. Maybe. If you’re lucky. Otherwise, no, just tea. Tea and fantastic conversation. And neat decor. And big black cats. And, well, you’ll just have to see!

Tonight! One Night Only! Shane Koyczan’s Free Show at the Western Front! Be There or Be Square!

off to what colour is your parachute coffee

Michael and I are seeing the 7:00 showing of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance tonight at Grandville 7.

It’s the final film in Park Chan-wook’s stunning revenge trilogy; Sympathy for Mister Vengeance, Oldboy, and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.

We’ve covered all three films at Korean Movie Monday to amazing response. There’s really nothing quite like them. I was introduced to Mr. Vengeance years ago by a friend who brought it over to my house saying, “This is the most depressing movie I’ve ever seen, you simply have to watch it,” and it turned out to be the funniest, blackest comedy I’d ever encountered. I couldn’t breathe for laughing. Each film is a unique story, unrelated by story arc, instead being connected only by theme. Loving them the first time around, (I own copies of all three), I’m thrilled to get a chance to see Lady on the big screen.

If you’re interested, meet us outside the theater from 6:40 onward or call Michael’s cell.

EDIT: The Spaces Between Working Group is presenting Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, (with long-lost original classical score), at 6:45 for free at Commercial and 3rd as part of a two night outdoor film festival. We’re going there, then going to see lady Vengeance, only the 9:00 showing instead of the 7:00. For those who are uninterested in Lady Vengeance, they are showing Amélie at 8:58 after Metropolis.

  • Wal-Mart restroom birth leads to prison.
  • Drug caches found in Home Depot vanities.