They need a hero! What they have, unfortunately, is you…

Congratufabulations to Nicholas and his mad and merry crew of crackpot visionaries! After an improbable amount of work, and slightly too many years, his video game, Dungeons of Dredmor, has finally launched!

Get it on Steam for 10% off and slay in the name of the Lutefisk God!

zombies get a step up

Calling classy zombies of all persuasions for a …

?! Gala Premiere Screaming of “Fido” !
A heartworming film about a boy and his pet zombie…

Thursday, March 15th; show up at 6:30pm SHARP!
Paramount Theatre (Burrard and Smithe) – sophistication neon style!
Zombies get in free!

Hot zombie starlets, suave zombie fellas, and undead big-shots of all kinds are invited to this gala affair.

If you’re more inclined to be on the other side of the lens, then bring along a camera and a nosey-parker attitude – zombie paparazzi are invited as well, just to make things fair.

Lurch, bike, car pool or cab your way to the red carpet for the premiere Vancouver screaming of Fido, a homegrown Pleasantville-meets-The Power of Nightmares-with-zombies film (more info here: )

If you’re coming from work, think day-to-night Barbie, but with more rotting. If you’ve been sitting in front of a computer all day then chances are you’re already half-way there!

If you’re unemployed then you should have no problems disguising yourself as an actor…adding zombie to the equation isn’t really that much more of a stretch.

Try to keep your oozing to a minimum as the poor ushers at the Paramount don’t get paid nearly enough to clean zombie goo from the seat upholstery.