I took pictures, but when will I ever see them?

My last post aside, this summer has been gloriously refreshing. I have been living out of a suitcase for near on two months. First was Seattle for a quick visit before Sasquatch, then San Francisco for two weeks, then Seattle for a week. Then I was in Vancouver for less than fourty-eight hours, long enough to sleep, do laundry, walk the length of Commercial Drive’s Car-Free Day and head to the airport to sleep on a bench for my flight to Ontario early the next morning. Then I was in Waterloo, then Toronto, then Montreal, then Waterloo again. When I got back on the 3rd, I was only in Vancouver for approximately twelve hours. I refreshed my suitcase, dyed my hair, and left for Seattle again, this time for ToorCamp.

I probably should have sublet my room.

Sasquatch was a good little road-trip with my pal Nathan, though we were surprised to discover it was an absolute bro-fest. Beer-pong and every vowel possibility on “bro”, (like “bru” and “breh”), were absolutely everywhere. One morning we woke up because someone walked by, drunk off their face, shouting, “On a scale of one to bro, you are a brah!” Even many of the women seemed to be bros. Bras? Bro-ettes, perhaps? We are not familiar with the parlance.

I’ve never been to The Gorge before, nor to anywhere remotely like it. It really is a breathtaking venue. The main stage rests against a backdrop of staggering proportion, the gorge a literal slash through the earth too big to easily encompass, precisely in the right place to be framed in summer sunsets. We didn’t speak with too many people, what with the persistent bro-itude, but we were there for the music and we like each other’s company enough not to mind. (Nathan is pretty great, he’s a bestie for a reason). We didn’t find anything new that blew us away, the shows were lots of big names, like Outkast, Kid Cudi, MIA, and Die Antwood, but even the groups we’d never heard of were mostly good. Elbow was my big best, followed closely by the tUnE-YaRds and Mogwai. (The Super Geek League had a whole stage to themselves, too. Wacky Seattlites, heavy on the freak show factor. Lots of clowns and fire effects, like GWAR via the Simpsons.) My biggest surprise was that I had fun camping. No showers, bathing in a sink, snacking on questionable snacks, walking over to the festival grounds – we were always surrounded by enough people that being in a tent in the middle of nowhere didn’t feel like a death sentence. It was nice.

Sasquatch Hunter

My friends are releasing thier new mockumentary “The Sasquatch Hunter” Tuesday evening at Pacific Cinematheque. Thats July 15th. Doors open at 7:00 PM and the screening starts at 7:30. The screening is private, but please bring as many guests as you would like. There will be a charge of $4 at the door, and there will be a reception with a bar (cheap $) before and after the show.
There have also been arrangements made to continue festivities at Panama Jack’s across the street.

Please wear a costume or come full-on formal—we’re playing up the “Premiere” thing.

Press Release

Sasquatch sighting on Howe Street !!!!!

News last month that the inimitable Sasquatch had raised his shaggy head on the Island in Duncan is small potatoes in comparison to his next appearance.
The buzz about Vancouver is that he will actually be IN TOWN for the premiere screening this Tuesday night of the new blockbuster documentary “The Sasquatch Hunter”, starring Tim von Boetticher, Peter Gross, and Elle von Boetticher. Sasquatch played a small, yet integral role in the production, and the producers had to grease a lot of wheels to make his participation possible. But their perseverance paid off in what the insiders are claiming may be this season’s repeat of the Blair Witch phenomenon.

Film Synopsis

“The Sasquatch Hunter” is a documentary/comedy that details the story of a redneck self-proclaimed Sasquatch expert and his loopy, spaced out wife (June) as they explore the darkest reaches of the Pacific rain forest in search of the elusive Sasquatch or “Big Foot”.

The Sasquatch Hunter, with his wife in tow, finds numerous clues leading him to believe a real Sasquatch is close at hand. Believing he can lure the Sasquatch into a trap by using musical instruments, he prepares a series of encounters only to be foiled each time. However, as the couple descend deeper and deeper into the forest on their quest, June undergoes a psychedelic ‘vision’ that changes their situation and sets the stage for a surprise ending that will have you fit to be tied, provided you are already
loosely tied to begin with.

“The Sasquatch Hunter” is the first production of Bee Movie Productions (www.beemovie.com) and the result of the collective, slightly deranged efforts of film makers Tim and Elle Von Boetticher and Peter Gross. It was filmed entirely on location in the Pacific Northwest rain forest (Lions Bay) and features a series of kooky and unexpected characters such as “The world’s most unsuccessful Bono Impersonator” and the highly eccentric
Elbonian film maker “Jost Von Dyke”. “The Sasquatch Hunter” is a
light-hearted comedy that will leave you wanting more, partly because it’s short.