aw, my costume arrived and it does not fit, not even a little bit

Make something great. Tell people about it. Do it again.


I was finding over the weekend that my reflexology socks have begun falling down. Not to the point of continual adjustment, but enough that I decided it’s time to invest in another quaint pair of sock garters, (my last ones having gone to the great fuzzy sock drawer in the sky several years ago). Foolishly, I decided my best course of action would be to hit up SockDreams, the most thorough stockings site on the planet. Did I get in and get out, immediately leaving with what I went in for? No, frankly, I did not. High caliber words like angora, silk, lace, chenille, and shimmer, small fantasies, such words, every one, dismantled my conviction and made me stay.

Charcoal, dirty olive, raspberry and trembling dark plum…

I barely escaped alive.

Every category silently tore at me, promising comfort, confidence, femininity, warmth, cleverness, flirtatiousness or sex, laying out possibilities like tarot cards, a future with the top of my naked thigh slyly being touched under a table, a moment of enjoying someone watch me as I slowly roll them on, or perhaps only random conversation at some unknown bus-stop, “I’ve always liked teal.”, meeting, then, my future best friend. Tabs were being opened, spreading across the screen like bleeding, unrestricted stanzas of flashy curiosity equaling, I’m certain, a similarly outrageous price-tag. I had to take action. Judiciously picking my way through the impossible, I first discarded the duplicates and most banal, anything that could be bought later, that never goes out of stock, then shaving at the edges more carefully, manipulating facts, rationalizing bits and pieces away until I was left with only the most unique, red in tooth and talon, and fun.

In the end, however, I couldn’t manage to cut it down past a final batch of twelve. Some colourful tights for the upcoming winter, a pair of expensive, breathy thigh highs, some knee highs, a set of microfiber arm warmers, a pair of slate gray socks printed with birds on a wire, and a pair of criss-cross button fingerless gloves. I think, though I’m not precisely sure, they should arrive at my home in Seattle tomorrow.

So, as it’s about to be a bit more imperative: Anywhere know an equally good place to get skirts?

sekrit dinner tonight is at 6:45

Would anyone like a pair of incredibly cute long haired ferrets? I would take them myself, but I’m already well on my way to being a crazy cat-lady. (I’ve even started leash-training mine.)

Over the knee stripy socks and stockings arrived in the mail yesterday. They are just as fun as I’ve always suspected such things would be. Part of my I-missed-out-on-being-a-girl stopped clamouring as soon as I put them on. Now, evidently, those particular brain cells want me to get a skirt that doesn’t go down to my ankles. I am dubious. Confirmation of one suspected good idea does not guarantee another.

THREADLESS is having another ten dollar sale.

To further my angry-at-the-world, various brilliant things are happening simultaneously tonight:

7 PM: Sex Pheromone in Tears: An unusual aspect of courtship in mice. University of Tokyo biochemist Kazushige Touhara gives the 21st annual Linville-Wright lecture on advances in olfactory sciences. SFU Harbour Center. 515 W. Hastings. Free admission. Info 604-291-5100

7 PM: Hope And Fear In Black Rock City. Kryshan Randel screens his short film about one of the most spectacular, creative and inspiring and places on earth. There will be a small donation ($3-5) at the door to help pay for the licensing of music used in the film (enabling them to enter film festivals etc). The Jupiter Lounge, 1216 Davie. Reservations not required.

Later this week:

Cory Doctorow is making an appearance with his talk, The Totalitarian Urge: total information awareness and the cosmic billiards. The lecture is presented by the Faculty of Applied Sciences’ Leonardo Institute, a non-credit graduate program that examines the risks, uncertainties, ethics, and art of applied science.

It will be presented twice:

Thursday March 8 at 6:00pm in the Fletcher Challenge theatre at SFU Vancouver (515 West Hastings St.) Free. Seating has all been reserved.

Friday March 9 at 3:30pm at SFU Burnaby in Academic Quadrangle, C9001. Free. Arrive early to ensure a seat.