Learning Unity: starting an online course pt. 1

Starting #Unity #classes today. Does this make me the #tech #elite I’ve been reading so much about? ???

My partner and I recently bought an online course called Learn to Code by Making Games – The Complete Unity Developer. So far it has started very slow, but by the end of the lesson plan, we will have completed several games (such as a text adventure, a bowling simulator, a zombie runner, a first person shooter, etc.) and hopefully covered all of the ins and outs and methods of game creation that Unity offers.

The first set of lessons taught us to make an in-console number game using C#, which doesn’t sound like much (and it isn’t, really), but it sparked a quirky side-effect realization within my brain. I’ve tried, on several occasions, to try to use on-line classes to learn to code. I even finished the Code Academy python course, but never quite managed to make the leap from learning the bits and pieces to being able to apply them. Until now! It turns out that even though Unity uses a different language, the C# lessons accessed the python knowledge stored within my brain that I never figured out how to apply. So the first game, though it was very simple, still felt like a breakthrough. I have actually, it turns out, at least a little bit, managed to learn to code, even as I was sure I hadn’t.

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