went to dinner sat night and broke slightly into the aquarium after. We broke a light and saw an asleeep seal. Twas fun. Today wasn’t much anything and tomorrow I work at parting seniors with thier pensions.

I feel as I’ve been hired into the legions of hell. Elenor Rigby should be our themesong. We all are witty all the damned day. If we don’t keep laughing, we die.

TFP sunday


I’m not really on-line these days. I’m at work during the day and Bill begrudges every minute of his time home where I am in his chair. SO!

I’m looking for someone to come with me for a shoot on sunday. If you’re available – it’s on Sunday and prolly the afternoon. Call if you can.


sorry for this and my lack of updates and comments and hellos. It’s been hard getting on-line.

miss you all


A friend of mine sent me this and I thought you would enjoy seeing this link.

The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida has put up a very interesting Java applet on their site. It begins as a view of the Milky Way Galaxy viewed from a distance of 10 million light years and then zooms into towards Earth in powers of ten of distance. 10 million, to one million, to 100,000 light years and so on and then when it finally reaches a large Oak tree leaf. But that is not all it zooms into the leaf until it reaches the level of the quarks viewed at 100 attometers.

This is a fantastic representation of how magnificent the Universe is and how vastly infinite it is both in the macroscopic and the microscopic level.


So as if to tell lie to my friend who yesterday said that i obviously haven’t been trying very hard to find a job, today I’ve been hired. Disapointingly to a telemarketing firm, but with injuries, what more can I honestly hope for? I went dancing last night at Sanctuary and almost died. Odd though, the more wrecked I stumbled off the dancefloor, the more people I knew crawled out of the woodwork to ask if I were okay. It was somehow odd. I was half delirious, dizzy, and feeling collapsable like an oprha hat when people I hadn’t seen in almost a year or two came up and asked after my health. Jonathan even loomed out of the darkness to hug me and offer my a drink.
^break for mini-story^
(Course, it’s about time that brit offered me a drink – last time I saw him at Sanctuary, he O.D. on something nasty on the dancefloor and I helped take him to the hospital. Waited around till three a.m. in a bright unwelcoming hospital hallway with his blood soaking through my clothing – this same fellow months earlier had decided somehow through some sort of induced haze that I was terribly desirable and needed my toes sucked. He’s so utterly adorable, so I’ll forgive him for his hair.)
^end of line^

My first day is on Thrusday. 9 – 4:30, mon – fri and every second sat. Paycheck is weekly and pay is $8/hour. I’m fairly sure that I could do much better with an audio/visual firm, but until I can haul projectors around again, telemarketing will do.

nice day

today I went and met up with my friend Chris Nicholson. *grins* That was wonderful. He’s so sweet, and I felt so much better about leaving him after he’d had some cookies. *laughs at self* We dropped by Blenz and I got a steamed caramel milk. What an interesting thing to fetch from a coffee shop. Nummyness. Anyhoo – we had a loverly fun talk and caught uup with a lot. We haven’t seen eachother in over a year. His sculpting is making him a tiny bit of money now, and he seems to be doing really well. On our way back from hanging out at the park, we ran into . Pleasant surprise, that. He’d also shared the skytrain with me, though we hadn’t met until the escalator. Adrian’s fun – a total Microserf. (Yes, I will make you read the book. It’s douglas Coupland, don’t worry.) Which, in it’s turn, amuses me, because friend has just discovered microserfs and is transcribing portions into her journal. *grinning* Just now I chatted with her on-line, and ealier two people cam eto see the house. One is the son of my friend Dans’ girlfriend, Kia. Heh. Think that three times fast. And before they came over, (the son, by the way, seems to be a shoe-in), Bill had a group of people over as a going-away jam for our friend Drew who is going off to Afghanistan with his group Rock Paper Scissors to entertain the troops.

*sighs* Loverly day. And now we’re off to a dance piece at the Cultch.

Today is a people day and I am so glad of it I’m giddy.