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My partner, Bill, and I have the top floor of the house for rent. Bill is a musician and sound designer for television, film, and theatre, so be warned – we have a studio in the basement, complete with drum kit, which can become loud. As the space is the top floor, this has not been a problem, but just thought I should let you know. *grins* Also – his tap dance troup comes over sporadically to practice.

It’s $400/month, plus 1/3 utilities. There are two rooms, both with built in bookshelves, a large yard with giant cherry trees, (and parking pads, if you’ve a vehicle), and lots of storage. It works out that we share kitchen, bathroom, & livingroom, but each have a room to ourselves. We’re non-smokers, but if you must, then outdoor smoking is okay.

We’re situated close to Victoria & 49th. There are shops nearby, mostly chinese food stores, a Value Village, and a mostly organic supermarket 10 min walk away. We are on the Langara bus route and are 20 min max to downtown by transit. We have pets, (cat + chinchilla), but sadly cannot accept any more furry creatures into the home, unless they’re the sort what live in tiny cages.

Um… I can’t think of what else to say, so I guess that’s my blurb. If you have any question PLEASE feel free to ask.



bloodkrystal at the hotmail


Last week I had to journey down to kits as conveyance for a late video. It urged me faster, though I was caught waiting for transit. The warm cream fog on fourth street tasted of fried tomatoes with a hint of curry. It wet my lips and drew my eyes upward to it’s silent slow dancing with the streetlamps light. Silly thing didn’t realize I was seduced already. It’s touch, form and grace had swept me out of myself. I wanted to be a listener. I’ve always wanted to be a listener. Wired to the world, able to record any moment in sight and touch and sound. Splattering impressions like paint across the continents. It kills me somewhere to know I may never see the reality of what I’ve always wanted to be when I grew up. I will be old, and perhaps even more useless than now when the technology becomes available. When the flesh becomes malleable, like cybernetic clay.

i wanna trick or treat too, but the server’s down

porphyre’s Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 9
Average number of words per sentence: 17.25
Average number of syllables per word: 1.47
Total words in sample: 3260
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porphyrebium is a translucent, coarse purple powder made from the heart of a gargoyle.
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a parade so there

The parade is going to be underway at 7:00pm; however trying to meet up with people after the parade is underway is neigh impossible (there will be over 7000 people out for the major major pagan event.

To this end we are going to meet up at Turks Coffee House at 6:00pm.

Who are “We?” People you know and people I know…. Lots of people who know each other. Want to find out, come on down and see.

We are going to be leaving from Turks at about 6:40pm to go look at the pre-parade pavilions that are placed prodigiously about the park.

Please try to actually get there at 6:00pm, parking is going to be very nasty and busses are going to be packed. And you’ll want a coffee before that.

Turk’s Coffee Exchange
1276 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L3X4
(604) 255-5805
(On Commercial Street at the north east corner of Commercial and Charles St.)

PNE fright nights

Another listing from the Searchgrads mailinglist I’d love to take part of, but can’t. So you should go do it.

I would like to pass on a little work for anybody with a good sense of theatrics. Last week-end, I worked at Spooky¹s Haunted House at the PNE making a little evening money terrifying the beJesus out of people. I was a little apprehensive at first, but soon found my sadistic stride. At
forty-four, I am admittedly the oldest of anyone else working there, but that¹s an advantage to the employer as there is little chance of ³my parents grounding me² preventing me from coming in to work.

Alana, the hiring manager asked me if I could contact some folks who are creative thinkers, mature, have a great sense of fun and would like to make a little extra money for a string of evenings. Naturally, I thought of just about anybody I ever met at SEARCH. If this appeals to you, contact Alana on her cell phone at: 604 454-4182. Mention your arts background, because they need creative people. See what a degree in Fine Arts can get you! 🙂

All Alana asks is that you be prepared to commit to most or all evenings between October 24 and November 1. The job pays $8 per hour, but it¹s very relaxed and fun to those with a sense of humour.