*tripping falls down the stairs – joyfully*

I’ve got a job interview today. If I win this battle, I will become the wonder typist of doom. Overnight I shall work, toiling with still colder fingers from the blackest night till the dawn. “Data Entry” my dearest, wil be the latest call. I will pick up sundry information about nothing really at all.

conflicting opinions on desires and rage

It’s amusing. I check my mail this morning and it is absolutely full with postings, some anonymus, some just pretending to badly, back and forth about a rather uncivil person I don’t know. I think last I looked, the number of posts was at 20. I’m not certain anything I’ve writ has ever merited so much attention before. This brings to mind – If I were filled with more conflict and had far poorer manners, would I be more popular? Course, I didn’t bring this question up, as it’s not really the sort of question I’d think of, unless in jest. Which, of course, is how I’m posting it. *grinning* But it was brought to my attention, as a fair number of people seem curious as to what this girl is actually up to. Course, as I don’t know and no-one seems likely to iinform us all, I suppose it will stay a popular mystery to talk over. Like a coffee table book.


oh oh! I got a fishy!!

He’s a siamese fighting fishy and I desperately hope I don’t kill him. I haven’t the slightest inkling of a murmer of a scrap of knowledge about fishy care. It’s making me worried. I already thought that I wanted to pet it and let it try chocolate. Apparently both bad ideas. Only having ever dealt with mammal pets, I’m not very certain how not to treat it. *grins* I keep thinking, “oh look! it’s happy! see? It’s wagging it’s tail!”

I think I’ll name it Bitterness, after my Love.


(good thing) So on boxing day I went in half an hour early to pick up about $200 worth of patterns at a buck each. (bad thing) Later, I recieved the news that once again, I haven’t a job. (bad thing) Adding to that, I’m not to recieve my pay until after rent is due. (good thing) My Love meets me after work with the news that we’re off to The Return of The King that evening. (bad thing) It’s my year to pay for it, but even though I haven’t the monies, I manage. No popcorn though, nor gummies. (good thing) When we meet Ray he invites us out to dinner and we drive off. (good thing) FIrst we hit mums, where I get my holiday monies from Pat. $100 in an envelope. It won’t help much, but it wil help. (good thing) Bill mentions that Megan is sitting up front of the restaurant, so of course I decide to go say Hello. (bad thing) Unfortunetly, the girl I don’t know who loathes me is there and she is extremely rude and throws food. Whee. So no talking with Megan because I was just suddenly fired today and I can’t take random abuse from strangers on top of it. (good thing) I get amusing revenge-type offers from Bill and Ray when I return and explain why my upset is suddenly cubed, (bad thing) My appetite however, is utterly ruined in spite of not eating for the past three days. (good thing) I had already bought our theatre tickets prior to dinner and were perfectly on time when we set off to go fine parking. (good thing) We found some easily under the law courts, (bad thing), though apparently they locvk up now at midnight. (good thing) In spite of that, we were willing to sprint back right after the film. (bad thing) None of us carries a watch however, so we were unsure of when we would actually have start running. (good thing) So after wandering Granville for fifteen minutes, we just gave up and went into the theatre. (bad thing) It was crowded, but (good thing) we got good seats up front. (bad thing) Afterwards I was totally dreamy in love with the film but had to leap up and get to the vehicle as quickly as possible. (good thing) Ray got there before I did and stopped the guy from impounding the vehicle overnight. We were driven home in the snow, which cliched for being delicious and cool and wet. Once back, Ray opened his gift from Bill, which was a book inside a broken guitar inside a guitar box. Soon after was sleep.

friday night

Jenn is getting married.
*end of shock*

How does one come to terms with that. It’s just not covered in the average curriculum. It got dropped so more people could take bowling. Whee. I hate not knowing. I’ve decided I will pester her until she allows me to bridesmaid though – or even be a flowergirl of something. Yuppers. Gotta be in it. No-one else I know is ever going to get married. Too antiquidated. *grinning at plaidilicious*

In other news – ohmighod-my-work-is-out-to-kill-me. Full day without ANYWHERE TO SIT DOWN!!! Oh the pain. pain pain pain. It’s evil and horridable and now I’m stiff and unrecovered two days later. I hate being all hurty. I wantsd to get better SO BADLY!!! Damn the ICBC demons. ANd tomorrow…. I do it again. THen again on Sunday. *sniffles* I’m thinking I bring one of Alistaires stools with me on the Skytrain to work tomorrow.

oh yes – and peoples should come visit me. Pretend you need buttons or something, but come by and inform me what the outside is like.

oh – and
*huge crowd begins to sing*

*applause for blingforjesus*

Party Saturday Night

December 20th

The Christmas Jam







a benefit for the Food Bank

Anytime after 9.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Tell your friends.

Basically – sillyfun theatre people playing about