FYI: there is no such thing as karma

Due to a sudden family emergency that I’m at a loss to speak to any one about, but that’s serious and scary and bizarre, I am going to be very, very unavailable for the next while.

I may be slow to reply to messages and not very good at keeping in touch and for that I apologize in advance. Life was already going through a bumpy patch, (unemployed, crippled, on welfare, in severe and crushing debt, a rather lousy handful of adjectives), but my injuries are now very low on my list of problems. Some incredibly bad things have just happened and I have to take care of my family.

Please and thank you for your understanding.

ps. this is unrelated to my dangerous dad. don’t worry that someone’s out to kill us. it’s not quite that bad.

injury update: you have to be kidding

I took a tumble while I was out on Saturday seeing the doctor, so now the tally of injuries has been added to. Now my right foot and ankle are bandaged and not particularly weight bearing, my left wrist is in a brace and my right arm is in a sling. Typing hurts, stairs are nigh impossible, and I’m effectively down to one hand.

Thanks to a doctor’s recommendation from Joshua, I have a physio appointment on Wednesday, but except for that, I’ve canceled every other plan to leave the house for the rest of the work week. If I’ve somehow missed you, please forgive me. I suddenly have a lot on my plate and very few resources. Much love to you all and thank you for your patience.