I’m missed Pandora Radio ::so much::

Currently I’m in Seattle, tapping away in our new Capital Hill apartment while a nice university student scrubs out the kitchen cupboards for me so I can finally start unpacking. The last few days have been a tangled, righteous haze of putting things into boxes, putting boxes into boxes, sorting boxes, stacking boxes, boxes, boxes, boxes. Tony had barely made a dent in the work by the time I arrived on Friday night, so it was a swoop in and dash rescue, all hauling things around and making space for the hired Saturday movers, (who were accidentally paid twice), working hard until I couldn’t anymore then getting up and doing it all over again. Taking time to just sit for awhile feels like a gift. Yesterday should have been my first day to rest, but there was painting to arrange and cleaning and furniture and figuring out what boxes go where and what’s in them and boxes, boxes, boxes.

(And as I type this, he’s finished.)

Not to say we haven’t been having fun. Other things have been happening, lovely brief respites of love: Willow had us over for a social Sunday morning of waffles at her place with some friends a couple blocks away, and Rafael and Michelle came over yesterday to help me fetch a free Craigslist Queen mattress from up the street, followed by Alex, fresh off the plane from SF, who brought his second Tactical Corset prototype for us to play with, (which fit a charm, let me tell you), and we all went for a nice dinner at the Blue Bistro and a chummy midnight tour of Hackerbot.

Today we’re back to boxes. Tony is working from home, which is nice, and tonight, after errands and chores and we’ve exhausted our usefulness, we’re going to an Emilie Simon concert. Tomorrow we fly for SF.

I’m alive!

I picked up my passport today. The pretty young man behind the counter had a chocolate coin festively tied around his neck with shining pink-yellow ribbon. When I asked about it, he explained he’d won an award in the office today, then slyly showed me a glimpse of a rather official looking document that stated OFFICE CLOWN. "That’s a good thing to win for," I said. "The best," he replied, "sign here." And that was it. Everything’s done. I can now legally leave the country.

Current travel dates

Vancouver to Calgary, June 19th – Calgary to Vancouver, June 22st

  • photograph Gavin and Rikki’s most official wedding yet

    Vancouver to Seattle, June 26th

  • pack, teasingly berate Tony for not
  • possibly move house (unlikely, see above note)
  • visit hackerbot labs w. Willow

    Seattle to San Fransisco, July 1st – San Fransisco to Seattle, July 6th

  • attend PubSquat ’09
  • visit…
  • friends .. like you?
  • NoiseBridge (shake fist at those attending Tor Camp in Seattle)
  • The Long Now Foundation
  • Paxton Gate
  • Musee Mechanique
  • ??? (suggestions welcome)
  • Seattle to Vancouver, July 6/7th