hateful antifemmes

The Bush administration has stripped information on a range of women’s issues from government Web sites, apparently in pursuit of a political agenda, researchers reported on Wednesday.

“Vital information is being deleted, buried, distorted and has otherwise gone missing from government Web sites and publications,” Linda Basch, president of the National Council for Research on Women, said in a telephone interview. “Taken cumulatively, this has an enormously negative effect on women and girls.”

A council report said the missing information fell into four categories: women’s health; their economic status; objective scientific data; and information aimed at protecting women and girls and helping them advance.

The deletions and alterations appear to hew to a political agenda, rather than providing the nonpartisan, unbiased data that has been the tradition of U.S. government reports…

…a fact sheet from the Centers of Disease Control that focused on the advantages of using condoms to prevent sexually transmitted disease; it was revised in December 2002 to say evidence on condoms’ effectiveness in curbing these diseases was inconclusive.

…The National Cancer Institute’s Web site was changed in 2002 to say studies linking abortion and breast cancer were inconsistent…

Alice’s Mad Hatters Tea Party 2004

hi jhayne – surprisingly, the 11th annual mad tea party might happen one sunday in june. how would you like to be involved?

date is not settled yet. we’re trying to pull the basic cast together. it will definitely be on a sat or sun aft.
trying to confirm for sunday june 20th at trout lake. approx 12-3.
if you are working the weekends it won’t work for you to attend – but feel free to have your friends contact me for involvement.
We may also have some prop-building sessions not on the weekend.

the Mad Hatter

This is an amalgam of two or three letters I’ve recieved over the past three week. If anyone would be interested in helping out just say so and I’ll pass on your e-mail addy. Alice’s Mad Hatters Tea Party is a yearly event held at Trout Lake and it’s wonderful. Utterly groshing. So much fun it’s silly to tell you how much. I don’t know how many of you are the volunteering types, but I will promise you will meet wonderful, interesting people and get out of the house doing something worthwhile.

Anyhoo – if you’re interested either post here or e-mail me and I’ll pass on the e-mail addy.

Title: Rocket Brothers

This is a beautiful warped little video. It will actually make you cringe while being happy about how lovely it is.

Anders Morgenthaler,  (one of the artists of http://www.wulffmorgenthaler.com/ – also go there now), is up for the Dutch equivilant of the Emmy awards. The music, Kashmir, sound very much like Radiohead, but still is individual, though not half as inspiring as the film.

Go watch. Now.

just a shiny thought

I once got a package of bodglitter, (Yes, I would be the glitter girl), and it said on the back of the tacky package, glitter made in China, packaged in the U.S.A. That made me ponder how exactly were they getting unpackaged glitter across the mighty waves. My theory was TANKERS!! Yes! Tankers of glitter heaving thier starry way over the ocean.

Isn’t that such a happy happy thought?

my happyplace is one where we’re sharing

I’ve been feeling useless lately with regard to writing. Almost all my posts have been links to other peoples cleverness. Today though, I’m feeling a bit uplifted. I’ve been noticing that it seems every page of my friends list has a nifty link from me credited in someone’s journal. Ergo – I must be at least giving people interesting enough content they also want to share.

 Sharing media.
That’s enough for me.

this superman costume will not let you fly


-A warning on an electric router made for carpenters cautions: “This product not intended for use as a dental drill.”

-A CD player carries this unusual warning: “Do not use the Ultradisc2000 as a projectile in a catapult.”

-A box of birthday cake candles says: “DO NOT use soft wax as ear plugs or for any other function that involves insertion into a body cavity.”


I love stuff like this because it means that the company concerned actually had to deal with these compaints. Like “do not stop active chainsaw with hand.” Someone DID that?