and every time, it’s a surprise. they never used to have gray hair.

Three cats and a programmer, that’s who I’m living with. The house drips with the edges of stories we’re not quite telling. Out for dinner, up in the morning, laptop in the livingroom, random laughter talking alone. Moments I want to remember.

Sigur Ros is filming a documentary.

The Fringe Festival lounge is constantly full of people I used to spend my life with. Now I only see them this once, every year, though I miss them. It makes it a very strange place for me. Everyone is a flamboyant memory of someone I used to be. Words thunder across the room, bringing back burning flashes of the smiles I wore, the names I used to sweetly remember, but my personal mythology doesn’t have an anchor anymore. I adore these people, their theatrical grand gestures and ridiculous, rewarding turns of phrase, so much I forget how we lost each other. We hug close, damp with laughter, talk about how great it was, how great it will be, but sobering, know that we’ll just do it again next year. Wonder where we went as every week passes by at the introspective speed of light, while the days drag on, threatening rain with every mile.

Dan Mangan was playing at the Lounge when I left tonight, another note in an absent chord of friends. I wanted to stay long enough to properly say Hello, but Ray was my ride and falling asleep on his feet, so I badly scribbled the word COFFEE? on one of my cards and left it on the stage where he was singing.

As I went, I promised people I would be back tomorrow. I’m already surprised at how much I’m looking forward to it.

Wake in the morning. Turn off your TV. Curtains up. Clap hands. Black.

photographs from riding the rails

If only good theater were contagious, I could infect you all. Spread a dramatic virus, upstaging all your favourite shows, something like American politics, but without all the going-down-in-flames. A new world order, literate, thick with allegory, better than video games.


Changing World Synopsis:

Knowing more people there than anyone else, twenty points. Meeting Matt, fifty points. Dancing in the video, being part of The Dream, one hundred points. Bringing Matt out to dinner, gold. Having him dance on a DDR pad on the way? Win!

(I’m only flippant ’cause I’m trashed tired, really it was quite an experience. A step in the right direction.)

Concert Synopsis:

The best part of the John Digweed gig, dancing with the SCIENCE! It Works, Bitches t-shirt. The second best, at least Digweed was better than his opener. The music, however, remained House. Oh well.

Tomorrow! The Fringe!

Fringe Fest, Thursday Sept 6th

Everyone’s favourite games-designer, James Everett, is back in town from home-sweet-home Montreal. To celebrate, I’m dragging him and as many of you as can fit into a sack to an intense night of delicious theatre on Thursday!

Yes, duckies, it’s Fringe Fest time again. Ready up your wallets and prepare to laugh.

To start, I’m thinking a piquant bit of circus, Chris Murdoch‘s first gem, The Absurdessy. (on facebook) If Brian Froud wants to see it, so should you. I did a pinch of costume design for this one, but I haven’t seen even a rehearsal. I’m looking forward to it. Grady Orchard is apparently involved somehow too. 7:30 at the amphitheater.

As a main course, Jacques Lalonde, Paul Armstrong, and Mackenzie Gray are serving up The Kenny Rogers Experience. (on facebook) Everyone involved smirks when they talk about it, so it must be good. As a bonus, Brain Barry, (somehow), is starring in it as the ghost of Jimi Hendrix. 8:45pm at the Waterfront Theatre.

For dessert, Theatre Bagger presents Apa Kabar!. I never miss a show of theirs if I can help it. What they do with masks is supremely magical. Also, hey, Tom Jones. Rock. 11:00pm at Carousel Theatre.

Kristen was at breakfast, a lovely surprise.

Friday night the star-fall was beautiful. Some were so violently bright, it was like we should have been able to hear them shred through the atmosphere. On our backs in a row under the too-cliche starry night, we irreverently cracked jokes about proverbial movie endings, but still gasped every time the sky impossibly ripped open with light.

The language of morning, music, two silk black cats, a matching short kimono, claws hooked into the chain of a pocket watch like an eccentric playful ribbon. Knocking down the mess. Sorting papers, shifting things into drawers, off the floor. Work at three o’clock.

Mechanical heart removed after organ heals itself.

Free of the future, he lives on the same block as my boyfriend who killed himself the night we were going to be together. I can see his bedroom window from the back porch. It’s unsettling. I’m almost breaking down, every word I’m holding on, trying to gain some equilibrium. My friend is telling stories that flow like an archaeological river. He’s been doing it for hours. Acid trips in London, working with Peter O’Toole, where he was when the Berlin Wall fell down. They go well with the house, his implacable gestures. I try to memorize as much as I can, anchor myself, keep the car running. Catching myself in a simple mirror over his shoulder, the naked frame is a prison, I feel like a photograph hung on the wall.

Walking towards breakfast late in the afternoon, one block down, someone has gracefully drawn absolutely perfect hot-rod flames into the dust coating a black vintage pick-up truck. It looks like something my buried love would have done. In my mind, I rock back on my heels into his body and, with a silent smile, I gesture to my friend, stuck on his cell phone, who sees it and smiles back. Suddenly, everything will be alright.

Silent Summer Nights 7 (ripped right from thier site)

Eye of Newt’s Silent Summer Nights is a Rumble/Radix co-presentation.

September 1 & 2, 2007 — 8:15 pm Free!
Grandview Park, Commercial Drive at William Street

Buster Keaton’s Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928)

Saturday, September 1

Set on the Mississippi River in the old side-wheeler days, Steamboat Bill Jr. follows the adventures of a spoiled young man forced by his crusty father to learn the ropes of river boating. The film’s crowning
achievement is its hurricane climax.

Eye of Newt provides a touching and beautiful live soundtrack that brings this comic masterpiece to life.

Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922)

Sunday, September 2

Nosferatu is that rare creature, a truly frightening and disturbing horror epic. An unauthorized production of Bram Stoker’s work Dracula, the legal heirs didn’t give their permission so the names had to be changed. But this wasn’t enough: The widow of Bram Stoker won two lawsuits in which she demanded the destruction of all copies of the movie, however copies of it were already too widespread to destroy them all.

Featuring the renowned improvisational musicians, The Silent Summer Nights Monster Orchestra.


Scientists have discovered that inorganic material can take on the characteristics of living organisms in space, a development that could transform views of alien life.”

Strangestars, an expedition, ages twenty to fifty, has begun assembling at my house for the special meteor shower tonight. It’s one:thirty in the morning and so far Andrew and Ray are here, Nicole’s on her way, Merlyn’s cancelled, and we still need to pick up Mackenzie and Wayne. We’re driving out to Abbotsford to Dark Sky Park, where all the local cool-kid astronomers hang out. It’s all very haphazardly last minute, but possibly perfect for all that.

For those awake, but not in the mood for venturing into the wilds at dawn, look east at 4:30 Pacific Daylight Time.