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A Guest post from Jhayne:

I apologize for leaving everyone with a bit of a cliff-hanger earlier this week. My journal has been innaccessible for the last few days and is likely to remain so until Livejournal screws its proverbial head on straight over the latest SixApart fiasco. (For those not in the know, this is what’s been going on.). I am hoping that using a third party to post will break past the endless 404 display that has cropped up every time I attempt an update.

So! news!

Someone’s willing to buy the theatre and lease it to us.

However, and this is a nasty however, we have to give him a proposal stating WHY we would be the best tenants in the known local universe. This is an investment, he requires a return. This proposal has to be delivered as soon as possible, because he leaves on a business trip in about a week. Of course, that’s “about a week” as of Tuesday. Now it’s Thursday night and I have just spent the last couple of days glued to my computer, ignoring so-called normal-human hours, typing my fingers to the bone and aggravating my carpel tunnel beyond rational belief, all so we would have a completely new HotW proposal done as quickly as possible.

You people had better thank me, even if this falls through. Thank me and Lee, the groshing accountant Warren‘s provided us out of the utter blue on no warning whatsoever who’s willing to work through the night for free, and thank Merlyn, who came and made me dinner and cleaned my kitchen, all so I didn’t have to pause what I was doing, and Alastair, who’s been hacking at my horrible rough-rough drafts, and Carlos, who’s been doing the same, but from Washington, and Silva, who’s been helping me write all today, and Michael Green, for continuing to know more about theatre than I have ever wanted to know.

And with that, I have to somehow extricate myself form my computer and find something to eat, because I’m fairly certain it’s in the manual somewhere that one should not go over twelve hours without a meal. This may even require I leave my apartment, but no worries. I’m brave when I’m starving. Signing out.

from the clever Ben Peek

The Chinese government began blocking access to the popular blogging site LiveJournal on Friday, cutting off its citizens from the roughly 1.8 million blogs the service hosts.

SixApart, the company behind LiveJournal, says there are 8,692 self-reported Chinese bloggers on the site, a number that’s likely low since it’s based on information volunteered in user profiles.

LiveJournal announced the block Monday. Ginger Tulley, director of worldwide strategy and analysis for Six Apart, says the company isn’t certain when the censorship began. But the site, which tests connectivity to popular websites from within China, first spotted the block Friday.


he’s certainly charming

So once again, (as it tends to), my livejournal is running out of Paid Account. If you want to help out, as I certainly can’t currently afford upkeep, then donate here to keep this journal alive.

The Complete Works of Charles Darwin are now available online for free.

Sometimes I feel like I’m crafting obituaries when I describe people here. “He was a kind man, Mr. Haversham, tall and slightly too commonplace. We loved his newspaper clipping accent, me and Dave, and now he’s gone.” That said, I think I’m going to give a shot to talking about Mark, (leaving out as much description as possible), as locals have been developing a curiosity.

We met in 1999, my mother was somehow part of an African music festival event that he was doing the sound for. We went home together after to an Art House on Fraser St. that he was watching for the out-of-town owners and, after we got rid of Lidd, we stayed up all night talking. (I would be shocked if Reine’s mother was not friends with the artists who lived there, just to give you some idea of what the house was like). I’m not sure why we went back together after, except that maybe things just happen sometimes and occasionally personalities simply click. He says now that I was very shy then and it’s sort of true. I didn’t talk as much as he did, not knowing how to speak with people yet.

Threadless is having another $10 t-shirt sale. Go through my link to get bonus levels of awesome and help get something neat.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago, after I’ve moved to Toronto and back, L.A. and back, Montreal and back. After I’ve singularly failed to escape from this place, actually, but have thoroughly lost touch with Mark anyway. I’m at a Timothy Wisdom party, having been invited by an acquaintance on the street, an anonymous e-mail, and Angus Ms. Spelt. Set between a funeral home and an industrial warehouse, I didn’t know the hosts, but I knew the house. People spill out of it when there’s parties, and everything on the main floor, excepting the kitchen, becomes dance floor.

On this dance floor, this most fabulous and exceedingly crowded place, I encounter a woman who stops me to say, “I have the other half of your sewing machine.” It’s an odd statement, but she’s right, she does have my old sewing machine. I’m surprised. We used to trade one back and forth to summers ago. To her left is Mark. We haven’t seen each other since before I moved to Toronto, but we recognize each other instantly. (Amazing if you factor in that he’s not tall anymore because puberty wasn’t finished with me last we saw one another and now I’m an entire four inches taller.) That quirk of timing goes “click” again, and now we’re best of friends once more, spending time too late at night and sleeping over more often than is strictly necessary for a basic social life.

I think we have a date in December, but I’m not sure how things like that work. I’m going to have to ask.

this subject line intentionally left blank

NASA announced Tuesday that its new crew exploration vehicle will be named Orion.

Duncan sent me this to complement my recent post on how to ding Focus On the Family: Baby Got Bible.

It seems that in response to us, not only have they begun implementing cookies, but they have taken down the Narnia DVD! Just how much notice did that post get?? You people are freaking me out.

One Giant Blunder for Mankind: How NASA Lost Moon Pictures.

Getting a lot done today, but only during the afternoon, as if the lost art of film editing was being applied to pack all the action into only two hours. I have cheques to pick up, work to arrange, and a focus group to attend. Simple things, wishes carrying my feet forward. Fortuitously, last night was the first night in a month that I slept home and alone. I was woken by a phone-call, Michael from Drumheller. He wants to know if I can build him an Electronic Press Kit for his Frank Zappa band. He might be visiting soon. Haloes dripping down like the unexpected rain drowning the sky outside. Twelve minutes of space footage.

no brains at 2:30 a.m.

Evening Standard: AAARRRGGGHHH!
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Sadly mirroring personal mythology, the enchanting piano man turned out to be fake. Blond, handsome, slightly strange, it blisters the mind to think of what beauty the original story creates. Avoiding the world, he lived there as a broken prince successfully and brilliantly, filling the void that so many of us have in our most secret of romantic hearts.

Today Ray and I went out fetching undead attire. A liquidation house near Aaron’s house just got in wedding and prom dresses. It was just what we needed to go with our dismembered arms and shrunken heads. We’re going as a possible wedding party.

Scott, lafinjack, is here, having flown in from Texas for Saturday’s ZOMBIEWALK 2005.

For those who asked – Yes, meeting up at my house is an available option. We’re going to likely start with make-up around noon and there are tentative plans to gather later at April’s apartment downtown, as it’s closer.

partially for mckenzee

Copied from all kinds of people.

1. Copy and paste your friendslist behind a cut.
2. If you’ve friended multiple journals by the same person, delete all but the “main” one.
3. Bold the name of everyone you know or have met in “real life.”
4. Italicize the name of everyone you’ve spoken to on the phone.*
5. Underline the name of everyone you’ve chatted with online. (I’m assuming LJ doesn’t count, but anything else online does)
6. [Bracket] people you’ve known, online or off, for more than five years.
7. Turn family members red
8. Pass it on.


curiosity’s sake and learning about this thing a bit more

Is there an uncomplicated program that can be used to back up a Livejournal? It’s been pointed out to me by Matt that I should really have a copy of it somewhere. I remember looking into this about a year ago, but losing the thought in the shuffle that was last summer. I’m almost certain there was a utility available.

edit: is where it’s at. Dear god, my journal’s now on my desktop as a very pretty little, (well, not little, no), PDF file. It took maybe four minutes.

(A toul that describes how many people you’ve in common with the users on your flist would also be nice.)

As well, does anyone know enough about the S2 formatting to teach me how to make a decent layout? Now that TAGS are an option, I would very much like to use them. However, I don’t like the profferred S2 layouts and I’m simply not savvy enough to make any worthwhile changes.

That and, er, hello to the almost one hundred people who’ve friended me who I don’t really know. I knew I shouldn’t have looked at my user info. Now I’m nervous. Who are you people? Why are you here?

Actually, better thing. I’ve been sitting on a little meme for a few weeks. This may be the time to whip it out:

1. How did you first find my journal?
2. Why did you originally decide to friend me?
3. What’s your favorite part of my journal?
4. What’s your least favorite part of my journal?
5. Ask me a question. Be as random as you want.
6. Recommend a band to me. I’m curious what you think I should be listening to.
7. Recommend an LJ user to me and maybe I’ll friend them.

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