Conquer Greenland. Sprout some extra limbs. Walk on water. Marry an insect.

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I’m so tired of being the responsible one. The star in my heart wants to go out.

A. FOUR JOBS YOU’VE HAD IN YOUR LIFE (all previous jobs):
1. He sent me a letter
2. I met him dancing, I was sitting on the stairs
3. Brought to his theater, we had a friend in common
4. It was a new place and he was standing by the bar

1. When I replied, I laughed, he thought I would know him
2. He tapped me on the shoulder, acted like I knew him
3. I took him up on a roof, surprised he would not know it
4. We went home together, though we didn’t know each other

1. Smiling, we corresponded every day
2. I was stunned to discover he had a wife
3. Standing outside his window was so difficult and necessary
4. In the cab, his english was better than mine

1. There were happy pictures, and clever sounds, and fun videos.
2. I kissed him on the cheek and told him to ask permission first.
3. My lips were hungry and two years later, so were his
4. His apartment was neat, plants in the window, books in the glass table

1. I ran home through the park to meet him on-line
2. We held hands when we walked and strangers told us we looked good together
3. Curled up on the couch, slowly we curled into each other
4. I sat on the counter and he explained his red wine

1. Description sufficed to make my bed less lonely
2. When I slept over, it was on his side of the bed, not hers
3. Queen size bed now and we still almost fell off
4. There was a wide mirror above the bed framed by two guitars

1. johnny boy – U are the generation who bought more shoes and u get what you deserve
2. lamb – gorecki
3. emilie simon – graine de etoile, lamb – gabriel
4. marvin gaye – let’s get it on

1. Then the letters came less frequently and I didn’t know why
2. Eventually I couldn’t deal with the fact he was married
3. He was so beautiful, but I knew he never loved me
4. The next morning wasn’t too late, but there was a phone-call

1. Hurt, I assumed that work was taking his time
2. Hurt, I broke down, dissolved, died.
3. Hurt, I tried to tell myself not to believe in illusions
4. Hurt, I explained to myself that it’s what I should have expected.

1. Then I finally went for a surprise visit.
2. He divorced the wife, I took him back, he went away on a trip.
3. He never calls, so I walk over to his house at night.
4. Today he called me back, canceled our plans.

1. There was another woman.
2. There were two other women.
3. There might never be anyone.
4. There’s another woman in potentia.

1. He never apologized.
2. I’m fragile too.
3. Living with little is better than nothing.
4. At least he’s sorry.

cross your fingers and make a wish

A quarter to having to go to work and I’m still being kept up at night. Left over hey you, I don’t think so, let’s not talk. It feels like sitting at a crowded bar alone. It’s too bad I don’t drink. In these shoes, it’s not like I could spin on my heel. One by one, these secrets come in and roost. Little feathered weights that never fly away. Rocks to throw into the ocean that crawl home to sleep in the lungs at night. I want another trip to Seattle, another shot at visiting the Roq La Rue gallery, another day with my hands on brushed steel, but most importantly, six hours trapped in a car with someone I could talk to. Victoria’s a chance too, closer and with places to stay overnight. There are beds there that would welcome me and whomever I brought with me. I float in an interesting sea. Mishka’s birthday was recently, I should bring her something. Nicholas had his heart trapped, I should shake her hand. There are reasons, social outings, let’s sit on this tiny piece of seawall and look at the water, just like everywhere else with a shore. I’m carrying polished stones, let me carve my name upon them. Let me pretend I can believe in my silent stories.

Speaking feels like thorns pricking my tongue. It’s dizzying. I can’t focus on anything important to me. There are skeins of words waiting for me, but I can’t untangle my fingers from the knots I made when I spun basic dried straw into gold. Desire’s a powerful thing, I’d like to let some out to play, but first I have to collect it like dew in a leaf before dawn, else the charm won’t charm, the curiosity will prove itself to be a wretched liar.

From thenowhere:

Calling all everyones out there.
I’m going to turn off IP logging.
Then I’m gonna turn on screening.

You know what your part is?

Anonymously Comment. That way the world can read your secret with me. I don’t want to share something with everyone if you thought you were only sharing it with me.

Tell me a secret. A nasty, awful, atrocious secret. And it really ought to be yours, though since things will be anonymous, eh, who can tell? Name no names, simply because if your secret involves anyone else, it’s not just your secret to tell. I’m going to screen the replies to this one, only because I don’t wanna see a flame war about someone going ‘ZOMFG U R TEH SICKOO!!!!1’

You have a hundred thousand chances in a lifetime to confess your fears and your weaknesses, but you rarely see them. So I’m pointing one out, right here, right now.

Tell the whole world that secret. Let it out.

anonymous commenting fixed.

bustedwonder made a sketch of one of my favourite photographs

she knows what kissing’s like
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Mice infected with the Bubonic Plague are missing.

Sitting on the floor felt like a miniature picnic. Instead of a blanket, I had a book. Instead of a park, I had a closet-room full of costumes. Raising my eyes from the page to fetch my grapes, my head brushed the petticoats of a dozen frnech maids waiting on hangers, my hand grazed the hems of a dozen schoolgirl outfits. Next to me was a box of ballgags and next to that was one of garterbelts. My back leaned against a cheap plastic mirror and I faced a drawerchest full of stockings in crunchy plastic packages. It’s quiet there, the soppy unimaginative music can’t find me in among the skimpy pieces of cheap fabric. I didn’t think it was possible to suck the soul from a Phil Collings song. Work had been dragging, the clock, I swear, occasionally ticking backward. Customers were few and young and silly, boys laughing nervously and winding up the annoying hopping penis with feet.

Light bulb malfunction at school sends 18 to hospital with radiation burns.

Later was better, the day got it’s feet under it and began to stride. I had a pleasant interlude with a friend of mine from SFU, teaching him how to use a paddle in such a way to leave marks before he remembered who I was, and Aiden snuck in breifly to ask me to dinner while my manager was vaccuming the back. I learned how to properly mark costumes down as restocked, something that had been baffling me, as every employee possible had told me to do it differently, a practice rumoured to be common in retail that I had never encountered before and hope to avoid in future. I’m trying to grasp the essentials of shop-front politics, but so far I have only, “Don’t volunteer any information that doesn’t sell something.” which doesn’t seem incredibly helpful.

A blind man is accused of raping his own guide dog.

As if counterpoint to the early afternoon, dinner was splendid. I let myself out at nine to find Ryan and Aiden waiting out front looking incongruous, like a foppish rentboy and his thug pimp or rough and tumble boyfriend, and we walked up Davie to Denman with intent to go to Guu, a japanese pub known for it’s sincerely authentic food and drink. Our plans was thwarted, however, by my fish sensitivity, the air thick enough with it to set me leaning against the outside, choking to breathe, after only stepping foot in the door. It was a pity, the place looked interesting, the waiters shouting orders to the kitchen and the bar crowded by chattering people sipping odd looking beverages. However, we ended up at Moxies, who, before we left, allowed us to order a side dish of dry ice, so I suspect we had far more fun than anything that strange alcohol might have offered.

A Black Velvet Art Flickr Pool.

meme from riotlounge: If you have anything to say to the person who posts this, say it to them. If you love them, tell them. If you hate them, tell them. Whatever you have to say to this person, even if its something you’re having trouble saying, if the person posts this entry, say it to them. You may never get a chance to, so just do it. Warning: Do not post this in your journal unless you really want people to do it. I expect good things but I expect bad things as well, and that is something you have to take into consideration. Not all of what you hear will be good. Comments will be screened if I figure out how. All comments are screened.

something to do in between sending out electronic bits of paper which tell employers that I’m nifty

Dee and pvck have tagged me in a music meme that’s having another stab at popularity. The idea is to list out your latest favourite tracks and then point the finger at five or six other people. As I happen to have put together a mix CD for Ellen, I’m going to post that instead.

01 – TV on the Radio – Desperate youth, blood thirsty babes – 02 – Staring at the Sun
02 – Emilie Simon – Graine D’├ętoiles
03 – Superphones – Deep Trip
04 – Johnny Boy – You are the generation that bought more shoes & u get what u deserve
05 – Electronic Excursions In Hi-Fi – 06 – Sway (Rip-Off Artist Remix)
06 – The Life Aquatic – Sigur Ros – Staralfur
07 – The White Stripes – Blue Orchid
08 – Secret Machines – 01 – First Wave Intact
09 – Future Bible Heros – 03 – Doris Daytheearthstoodstill
10 – Cornelius – Drop
11 – Revporl & Stuart Crozier – Dr Thirsty
12 – Wolf Parade – Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts

bonus track: DJ Spaz remixing one of my attempts at spoken word.

If any of these run out of downloads, drop me a comment and I’ll refresh the link.

from shifuku

— Name: jhayne
— Birthplace: can’t recall
— Current Location: vancouver canada
— Eye Color: bluegray
— Hair Color: plum
— Height: 5’8″
— Righty or Lefty: ambidexterity was beaten out of me by a grade 4 teacher from the 18oo’s

— Your heritage: canadian, (gibson & holmes)
— Your weakness: beauty, slender sweet pale girls with waves of long dark hair
— Your fears: seaweed
— Your perfect pizza: taco pizza, lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese and turkey hamburger topped with sour cream
— Goal you’d like to achieve: globetrotting

— Your most overused phrase on AIM: n/a
— Your thoughts first waking up: another useless day. joy.
— Your best physical feature: my ability to sit still for the camera, though I’m sure that doesn’t count – any takers on this question?
— Your bedtime: depends on my love and when dinner is ready

— Pepsi or Coke: I can think of more pleasant things to inbibe than malted battery acid, such as juice.
— McDonald’s or Burger King: as if I would know? more carrots!
— Single or group dates: people still date? I wonder about that. It seeems so.. antiquidated. Like certain approaches to marriage or parlours.
— Adidas or Nike: agnostic
— Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: note the cokeVSpepsi question
— Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
— Cappuccino or coffee: erm… the one with chocolate

— Smoke: inscence, candles, oil lamps
— Cuss: no thank you
— Sing: not anymore
— Take a shower every day: usually, when m’love gets home from work we shower
— Have a crush(es): only on fictional charactors.
— Do you think you’ve been in love: seems to be the case.
— Want to go to college: not particularly
— Like high school: I suppose theoretically it’s possible, that whole “best days of your lives” thing can’t be ENTIRELY a marketing scheme, but not personally my own choice.
— Want to get married: if someone will pay for me to have a huge sinful wedding gown, then I’d do it. For the dress. Like this one:

Ian Stuart 'valentine'

— Believe in yourself: um. trick question?
— Get motion sickness: only on an empty stomach
— Think you’re attractive: rarely, especially these days, in my after-accident lethargy
— Think you’re a health freak: not militant enough to be labeled freak
— Get along with your parents: mum’s growing into a flake, but a happy one and that’s enough for me. I haven’t a father. He went insane.
— Like thunderstorms: as many as possible. (ghods I miss TO lightning!)
— Play an instrument: the french horn. so obscure, yet a pop icon. how trite of me.

In the past month . . .
— Drank alcohol: no
— Smoked: n/a
— Done a drug: sugar + love + joy = euphoric
— Had sex: y
— Made out: y
— Gone on a date: um… no?
— Gone to the mall?: no
— Eaten an entire box of Oreos: hmmm. do I get milk with that?
— Eaten sushi: *shudders*
— Been on stage: well – on stages, yes – I do work in theatre.
— Been dumped: there was an attempt. as I recall it broke two guitars…
— Gone skating: no
— Made homemade cookies: y
— Gone skinny dipping: not for years
— Dyed your hair: *sniffles* no
— Stolen anything: stole kisses. hah

Ever . . .
— Played a game that required removal of clothing: planning on it. Got m’love strip-chocolate for our 2 year anniversary but haven’t had time to try it yet.
— Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: never
— Been caught doing something?: um… what?
— Been called a tease: sure
— Gotten beaten up: well – they tried.
— Shoplifted: yes
— Changed who you were to fit in: no

— Age you hope to be married: what an odd question
— Numbers and Names of Children: numbers! ahahaah. Yes, my first little girl will be named 6457.
— Describe your Dream Wedding: after I go play with barbie, right?
— How do you want to die: after seeing enough of the world and achieving enough to be satisfied
— Where you want to go to college: n/a
— What do you want to be when you grow up: my answer to this has always been “taller”, but I’m fairly sure I’ve stopped growing upwards. Now I don’t have an answer.
— Country would you most like to visit: erm.. England?

In a guy/girl . . .
— Best eye color? I fell in love with gold eyes once. Golden eyes and redblack hair.
— Best hair color? for some reason dark hair frames faces better for me. (damn my natural blonde. yech)
— Short or long hair: up to them, isn’t it?
— Height: um.. see above
— Best weight: healthy
— Best articles of clothing: I am not undersatnding these questions.
— Best first date location: ditto
— Best first kiss location: um – wherever it happens, wouldn’t it be?

— Number of drugs taken illegally: I accidently took some of an adults acid when I was a child, and I’ve been around enough potsmokers to have inhaled a fair share, (this is bc, after all), so.. 2
oh – and frankie tried to put something in my drink, but it didn’t work apparently due to my consumption of aroange juice, so… 2 1/2?
— Number of people I could trust with my life: I suppose any of my close friends, though it would strongly depend on what we were doing. I wouldn’t trust, say, Marissa flying the same way I would trust Ray.
— Number of CDs that I own: maybe 20?
— Number of piercings: one in my left ear, hopefully this friday I will add onto that a tiny one on my nosey.
— Number of tattoos: none
— Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: um… lots
— Number of scars on my body: no clue
— Number of things in my past that I regret: not many. a winter.

Quizzes cause I’m bored

You’d turn into a Snowleopard! Like a snowleopard
you are quiet, shy and not seen much and find
it hard to talk to people, but dont really mind
being by yourself. However once you have gotten
over your shyness and are relaxed you are so
different it can be scary! You have a few close
friends who can grasp your strange ways. You
are generally laid back but when you get angry
you get angry and can be very vicious and a
force to be recond with, though few people ever
see this.

What animal would you turn into?
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You are floating on a sea of reeds
You are Abstract. Not everyone understands you, but
you weren’t meant to be straightforward. You
try to never do the obvious, and you might be a
very nonverbal person. You’re emotionally
charged and you try to avoid pretense. Some see
you as mysterious, but you don’t try to be.

Art Thou? -Your Art Style Personality
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January 27th is the Second Annual

LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day!

Fall down the Rabbit Hole for 24 hours and see what’s there. It will be beautiful.

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More Depp/Cap’n Sparrow

Yes, More Deppness. This is kind of sad. I’m turning into a fangirl or something. Damn. Yummyness.

You are Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow from
“Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of
the Black Pearl.” You are very eccentric
and have probably the coolest walk in the
world. You are agile and quick to think as well
as witty and strong. You also have very cool
hair and facial hair. You rock!

Which Johnny Depp Are You?
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In other news. Today I ate a PopTart. *fear*