Johnny Depp’s music-video directorial debut

The official, uncut version of Babybird‘s Unloveable video, directed by Johnny Depp, who also played guitar on the track:

The video, shot back in September in Herts, England, is based on the short story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” written by Ambrose Bierce in 1890. “This particular version was just a bit too intense for the folks over at Yahoo’s Standards and Practices department,” Babybird’s label, Unison, wrote on their YouTube page. “However, we believe that this version gives the viewer the true vision intended by both the artist and director.” Me, I like it, and I like how they sound a bit like Elbow. Lyrics like and we’re floating down a sewer pipe like kittens in a bag in a love song? That’s pretty great.

“it’s a phase I’m going through”

This nerdgasm is for Katie and Maddie and Kyle.

Chris Cunningham has reached a point where I’m not sure that he’s famous for what he produces or is simply famous for being Chris Cunningham. He’s got a new video out, his first in seven years, Sheena is a Parasite, for the Horrors, and it’s an anticlimactic come-back for such a cutting-edge director. Apparently, Cunningham first hooked up with the band via MySpace. Low budget, frenetic, and nothing we haven’t seen him already do better elsewhere. (See: Rubber Johnny). I’m disappointed, but likely not as much as real fans might be. He’s always been a wave riding to nowhere for me. A hat full of tricks with a hollow bottom. Me, I want to be Mark Romanek in my next life.

Genetically Modified germ spray could keep dentist at bay.

I know this odd boy, Newton, who usually lives in NZ. We met in highschool, and he’s one of the few people I’m still in touch with, mostly because he keeps in touch with me. I talked to him today, he’s back on his yearly visit back to Vancouver, and found that I have nothing to say right now. My issues are all reflections of the global climate. I’m watching Isreal VS Syria develop, New Orleans funds being mis-appropriated for things like diamond rings and sex videos, and keeping tabs on the Net Neutrality issues, but have nothing of my own. I’m unemployed and single, sitting at home with a sprained ankle, and I’ve been like this for almost an entire month. If there was news, I’ve forgotten it.

Machete gang attacks a party just off Commercial Drive, severs a teenagers hand.

The Annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party starts this weekend. “Bring a picnic blanket, a flamingo and a tasty treat to share.” This year they’ve got three different performances; Saturday July 22nd at the Burrard View Park, Saturday July 29th at Renfrew Park, and Sunday July 30th at Trout Lake Park. For those who’ve never heard of it, The Fool’s Society hosts a batch of free Alice In Wonderland themed performances where everyone is invited to come in costume. It’s a very family friendly event with enough good music and jokes to keep the adults interested, and since when did we consider ourselves grown-up’s anyways? Toot-A-Lute will be there, as well as most of the Carnival Band. Last year there was croquet, a caucus race, and various bits of delightful acting.

Scientists have defined the function of a key protein that nerve cells use to pass information quickly.

string them together

Adrian’s finally a father. Send tentative moments of nervous congratulation over to him and A.J. They’re braver than the rest of us. When Adrian first informed me at SinCity, almost six months ago, I actually began to fall and he had to catch me. Apparently that was the most popular response.

It’s Ryan‘s birthday on Monday. I had mixed up the date, thinking it was to be on Sunday, September 11th re-wiring my brain for importance. I thought about having party for the Fallen Towers, a wake for the American Empire. Very antique commiserations, a very old world celebration. Fancy dress, champagne glasses we smash in the street, a cake in the shape of a flaming airplane. A toast! Oh land of freedom, we barely had a chance to say that we’re sorry for letting you become what you did.

Out in the real world, the California Assembly has become the first state legislature in the US to pass a bill endorsing gay marriages and pictures of Katrina are finally coming on-line. Someone accused me of harping on about New Orleans the other day, claiming that I was blowing the disaster out of proportion. I have to wonder where they’re getting thier news, because I don’t think I’ve an imagination that could overstate how badly the response was handled, (ex. Hosptial closed for President visit.), even down to the simplest things:“The good news: If you’ve survived Hurricane Katrina, the government will let you register for help online. The bad news: But only if the computer you’re using is running Windows.

transmigrant‘s been posting some fabulous links on the topic, like this short clip available for download.

Carpark North has a video that sequels Human. They’re the same children who work such miracle wonders as love, only a year later. They seem so much older, the wisdom has changed into something far lonelier. I don’t like it as much, I feel it lacks the wonder that makes the first one gasp, but it’s still interesting to see. Click on Media, then Video, to watch them. Human is simply divine. Andrew found a page of films by the same director on Videos.Antville, a multiblog list where people join and post links to “cool” music videos.

As a nice segue, I’ve discovered Sigur Ros‘s new album, Takk, is available for a listen on MySpace here.

Once I thought the world turned without me. I stood still in a small bubble that was coated with my name and no one ever saw me. Now I’m recognized on the street so regularly that my friends don’t act surprised anymore. Last night after work, a tall boy approached us at a bus-stop. “I’m a struggling artist, I’ve just released my first CD.” A familiar refrain, the voice of an indie kid who might not be any good, and we don’t have any money, sorry. Mid sentence he stops, “Are you Jhayne?” Ryan laughed and part of me cursed for not knowing who he was. “We went to elementary school together. My name’s Kyle!”

I blink, this is too surreal. My memories of him are as sharp as lonely knives, I used to watch him to try and figure out how he laughed in such a world. He wore a red t-shirt with a neat band logo on it and won all the racing games in the gravel field. The brightest flame of personality in the entire grade, he’s now unrecognizable. What happened to his smile? Where’s his curly mop of hair? “You were the tallest boy in grade seven. I remember you. You were the only one who danced at our end of year dance.” I told him that I hadn’t any money, but there was an ATM at the end of the block. As we walked, he explained to Ryan how I was the weirdest girl in our entire school. “You read books, well, I suppose you still do, but you were really strange.” It occurred to me that he hasn’t seen me in about a decade but he managed to know who I was. Does that mean anything? There’s a guitar on his back, my eyes passed him over anyway. “Would it be safe to say that you were far more conservative then?” He didn’t have any change, so I bought him peanut butter cups at the 7-11 on the other end of the block, handed him his ten dollars and felt uncomfortably like I was being charitable.

We talked a little more after that and I wished him luck and promised to e-mail him. I’m wondering where this will go, what I will discover about the people who ostracized me when I was twelve. Thinking now, I miss the rare kids who talked to me. I think he’s still in touch with some. Brodie, he mentioned, a boy I knew in highschool who wasn’t that bad. Rather sane, by my accounts. He played Seymour when I played Audrey when we put on little Shop Of Horrors. Our strange plant was a cactus covered in shredded newsprint. Apparently he’s in a band now, the Living. They have gigs sometime. I hope to go.