Wieghing the Scales

“Back in my day, we had it all set up. You lined up when you died, and you’d answer for your evil deeds and for your good deeds, and if your evil deeds outweighed a feather, we’d feed your soul and your heart to Ammet, the Eater of Souls.”
“He must have eaten a lot of people.”
“Not as many as you’d think. It was a really heavy feather. We had it made special. You had to be pretty damn evil to tip the scales on that baby.”

excerpt from American Gods by Neil Gaimen

Pool Party!!

When: the weekend of the 25th – either Friday or Saturday. Whichever is better for the most people. So tell me when!

Where: my place – e-mail me for my addy & directions if you don’t have them

Why : We’ve got a 6 ft. Kidde pool and, (temporarily), a really good BBQ, (it’s Rays), and because it’s summer and we should have at least ONE party dammit!

BYO : bathingsuit, friends, meatthings, (we’ll cook), and booze if you really want any.

So remember! Tell me which you’d rather! Friday or Saturday!
I’m tallying the preferences before I send out invites!