foot in mouth disease

I don’t know who reads this, but I would like to pretend to myself, just for now, that you are one of them.

I can barely write prose, but I seem to try. I can’t write fiction, but I can write hypotheticals. Might happens are different. There’s places in between places. I can see you on this screen, I touch it and my fingers leave marks on the glass. It’s a poor mans sunshine, but it’s what I have. My life is beginning, my options open in a way I won’t have later. I’m an arrogant bitch just for putting this here.

This is a dare.

It makes me always happy to be reminded that everyone is human. Our heroes are fools, our scientists go grocery shopping like everyone else. Motivations are complex or simple but always personal. Shiny metal buildings organically curving above me and I thought of you. Again, at two degrees away from the exhibits. Stopped suddenly, I didn’t laugh when I realized what I was doing. Instead I held it. Looked at the shape of my thoughts. Small and round but heavy in my mind. A lump of etched silver, showing parts of the my motivation I rarely think of and never visit. Something has shifted.

Stupid and brave may be synonymous.

The world is dark. Shadows lengthened to eat my room, to leave me lit only by my computer. Interestingly, I am left knowing that danger is also a personal thing. Webs woven of the strangest politics are the ones we encounter when desire is involved. Desire of any sort. Want versus need versus what we think. We think too much and that’s what makes us human. Pieces here and there of animalism break through and we get murders and violent crimes. Thinking too much I agree with. I’m very, very good at saying No. My eyes may close, but I can still see the upcoming drop. Somehow, I have taken control but am still moving, one careful step in front of the other, closer to the cliffside. I can’t see the ground, but past this, the undiscovered country is waiting. I don’t know if this is a push, a leap or an accidental fall.

There is wind.


I’ve got too many windows open and it’s sucking my computer back into the bronze age. I’m just going to post the mess of them here.

I’s a sad thing, but happens to everyone. The guy behind uppity-negro has passed on. Every time I dropped in there, I’d learn something. I don’t know if the site’s going to be kept up or even if it could be properly with different brains behind it. Russ Meyer has also just died. The amusing twist of mind man behind Faster Pussycat Kill Kill.
We in Vancouver have a new overnight quest. One that will require a little prep, but will be worth it. We have to go here. We’ve an abandoned town within reasonable distance. A jaunt into a modern ghostown. As I already list trespassing and clambering as hobbies, this simply sounds nice.

IBM scientists have measured a fundamental magnetic property of a single atom — the energy required to flip its magnetic orientation. This is the first result by a promising new technique they developed to study the properties of nanometer-scale magnetic structures that are expected to revolutionize future information technologies. Technology makes me happy. Spreading information, go now, more. We the people, etcetera et al. It seems to be a theme in my reading. I suppose that’s what happens when I find something I believe in.  Which leads into this open letter from the computer industry to the music industry that is worth a laugh. This is also funny, though I admit,  in a less intelligent way. Maybe one with more insanity and less precision.

To go with the horses head, there’s these. Microbe stuffies. I can imagine a row of them on my windowsill next to Animal. Make my window perch comfier yet that much more surreal. Bad enough the x-rays apparently make me a “wacky neighbor” (thank you Rowan). I think I’m especially in love with ‘sleeping sickness’ Hypochondriacs beware. Not, of course, that we don’t seem to be finding ways to deal with fear. Of course, sometimes it’s good to be wary. There’s weapons out there now that I remember reading about as fiction in Mondo 2000 when I was a kid. In fact, if anyone has any issues kicking around, I would dearly appreciate them. I’ve lost most of mine traveling along the way from age six.

Bonus smile: Stephen Fry being interviewed by The Onion.