heaven is burning

I have just received a letter informing me today that two months of paid service have been added to my LiveJournal. I would like to say upfront that it’s a pretty keen holiday gift, and that I’m going to have to think hard what to do with it, the options are seriously interesting, but I would also like to know who to thank!

Let’s say that I am surprised. Somewhere I have a black angel that I never knew about. This a snapshot setting my curiosity simmering, a low fire to boil, a new development. I need to know who gets the naked pictures.

… It is eight in the morning. I have not slept. Again. As a greet-the-dawn note, the pigeons need death. As they are city pigeons and unlikely to be edible, they need to by ass-raped by a large ebola infected elephant with a gangrenous cock covered in broken glass. There should be a count of six before they explode.