bringing me music that doesn’t require a computer would also be a bonus, thanks

Korean Movie Monday is being held tonight at my house.

Come one, come all, bring somebody interesting.

Drop me a line at six oh for, three to one, poem for directions. I’m two blocks up from the Waldorf and the window with the painted x-rays.

This week’s showing is to be of Oldboy, the second in Chan-wook Park’s incredibly sexy revenge trilogy.

Plus, the Celebration of Light begins this week.

2005 Dates: July 27, July 30, August 3, August 6.

Let’s plan for this people, let’s get ourselves a party.

oh for effing fecks

My computer is officially dead. The machine passed away sometime in the early morning hours of last night with not a whimper but an acrid smoky bang.

Most of my life remains trapped, screaming, on the C: drive, and I am sorry to say that to get at anything, it will have to be opened up and examined, as the power button no longer functions in any useful way. It is now decorative. As is the monitor.

I don’t know enough to slice it open for repair.

Are there any willing to help ease this pain?