sort of too worn out

Ed found me a video of Will Wright talking at the Game Developer’s Conference about ‘Spore’, the Next Amazing Thing to happen to video games. James was at this talk and constantly bubbled up about it while I was in Montreal with him. Now that I’ve seen it, or practically all of it, I entirely understand. Will Wright might be showing us the next evolution. If it’s required, I’m going to upgrade for this when it’s available, and some people I know have sworn that they’ll be switching from Mac to PC.

It’s understandable. When even Science!!* is awesome, something like this is above proper description.

Science!! of course, being more along the lines of World Jump Day. link found thanks to sophie. The basic idea is that if the people on earth all jump at the exact same time, a time specially choreographed, we can change the orbit of the planet into one with more hours of daylight, a more homogenous climate, and stop global warming. I’m signing up, aren’t you? I even vaguely would like a t-shirt for the amusement value.