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Raja Cinema
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It’s rough still, but I’m continuing to build on it. There should be be more sections by the end of the day. If you’ve got suggestions, lay them on, but keep in mind I have an obscene amount of writing ahead of me, so any suggestions will have to be the sort I can implement within the existing structure.

I still need artist sketches, representations of what the place will look like when we’re up and running. Here‘s a good shot of the exterior as it presently stands. I want it shiny – gray exterior, red highlights, keep the brass.

One of the pages I want to have started by the end of the day is one of Potential Clients. I want letters of support, laying claim to time in the theatre, wanting to show in the gallery, whatever. Just apply to book the space, basically, and do so professionally, and I’ll toss it up.

“Jhayne’s trying to do something incredible here. If you’ve got some spare change, go ahead and donate a little to her cause. If you’d perform at a venue like Heart of the World, write up a little paragraph saying what your artform is, and where you’d come from to work on or perform/exhibit in Heart of the World, and e-mail Jhayne with your endorsement. It’ll help persuade investors. At very least? Check out her site and see what she’s trying to do.” via inktea