for those who didn’t know

Upcoming gigs in Vancouver:

George Clinton with Parliament play Plush on March 4th.

DO MAKE SAY THINK are playing Richards on Richards on March 5th.

The Constantines play The Plaza on April 12th.

Regina Spektor plays the Commodore Ballroom on Saturday, Apr 21. Tickets went on sale today.

The Books play Richards on Richards on April 25th.

Lyrics Born plays The Plaza on Wednesday, April 26.

LCD Soundsystem play the Commodore on May 3rd.

!!! play Richard on Richards on May 4th.

Explosions in the Sky play the Croation Cultural Centre on May 5th.

Peter, Bjorn & John are playing the Commodore on May 12th.

(I only have a ticket to The Books, this is a wish-list / forget-me-not list more than anything else. They’re all going to be wonderful.)

Shane Koyzan’s show at the Cultch is tonight. Duncan and Kyle also plan to be in attendance. I’m still nervous, but not as much. I’m reassuring myself with thoughts of the things I’ve done in that building before. It’s been my playground and stomping grounds since I was six, so it’s an odd list, everything from karaoke to oral sex.

Wednesday Nicole and I are staying in all day and fixing the pretty tile table that has been drying out in my living room. My current plan is to give it to Alastair as thank you for housing Tanith and Tanaquil, who are getting bigger almost every day. Mishi might drop by too, but she’ll have to vanish in time to pick up her little one from school. (Who is apparently ten-ish these days, officially making me feel unfairly old. This is a fact much open to ironic mockery and not just a little bit of serves-me-right.)

Thursday, as much as I adore the lingering fragrance of pure man, I’m throwing over packing for a chance to give Jay his Old-Spice soaked clothing back. (Yes, ladies, that is how I identified it as his.) In the evening will be Andrew and Sara‘s $13 All-You-Can-Eat-Sushi Tampopo birthday party.* Details here.
*Special events, for those interested, are essentially the only way to get me to step foot into a sushi house.

Friday and Saturday are still fairly up in the air, and Sunday, like every Sunday, I’m at the Dance Centre from 3 pm – 9:30.

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