just a short note of general triumph

This is complete genius. Remember that entirely nonsensical LJ mojo meme that was floating around about a month ago? It asked who on your Flist you’ve dated and created a graph that charted things like how Hard To Get you might be. I tried it out, randomly picking the top and the bottom people on the list it offered me, (Devon* and Warren, laughingly enough, as if to only pick the incredibly tall), to try and find out what the idea was behind the seemingly haphazard-dots-onna-graph that were popping up absolutely everywhere. Discovering absolutely nothing, I shrugged, closed the window and forgot entirely about it.

Some people were not so lucky. The poor souls who actually went ahead and posted their pointless meme were duped. The perpetrators of the meme have replaced the graph with goatse. (And yes, all sorts of silly people think the meme-makers have been “hacked”. Aren’t they sweet?) Not only was the picture switched out, it seems quite a few people answered the meme accurately, therefore letting all sorts of cats out of the bag, now that all the dating information gleaned from the meme has gone entirely public.

My reaction? “Less what-anime-character-care-bear-sex-toy-am-I posts? Oh Noes!” Also, mad cackling.

*Those in the mood, go congratulate him. According to his Flickr, his daughter Taylor was born today.