Tickets up for grabs now!!

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It’s that time of year again.

Boca Del Lupo is putting on another show. Last year, in Stanley Park, they performed the slavic fairy tale, The Shoes That Danced Themselves To Pieces. The cast was on ropes and pulleys and flew from tree to tree. The audience was led from site to site through the woods. The whole experience was magical.

In the Spring, they performed a Winterruption piece down in Granville Island about condominium apartment living. It was a wonderful idea and a pleasure to behold.

This August, they’re performing this lovely piece of work from August the 10th to the 25th on Squamish Reserve #6 underneath the Burrard Street Bridge near the Civic Marina. It’s FREE but you NEED TO RESERVE TICKETS. Opening night is already sold out.

Or The Bell Ringer of Our Lady of Peace

To celebrate its 10th anniversary season, Boca del Lupo will produce its fifth free, outdoor, all-ages roving spectacular this summer. With the generous support of Vancouver Opera, the Squamish Nation and a multi-talented cast and crew, Boca del Lupo will delight audiences with an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame de Paris set amongst the high foundational arches that support the Burrard Street Bridge.  

The show is free but group sizes are limited and while we do take walk-ups, advance bookings are strongly advised.   The best way to reserve a spot is to click on ->BOOK NOW<-, select a date, and fill out the required information. If you prefer the phone, please call 604.684.2622. Public bookings are available at 12:00pm on Wednesday July 11th, 2007.

First published over 150 years ago, Hugo’s story is just as pertinent today.  With the recent Paris riots and the latest transgression of sanctuary to arrest an Iranian refugee from Vancouver’s own St. Michael’s Anglican Church, issues of immigration as they relate to civil rights and class are more relevant than ever.

It’s going to be great and I highly, highly recommend you all come out and see it at least once but ->BOOK NOW<-! Tickets went on sale ->TODAY<- and they’re already selling out. Remember, it’s ->FREE<- and ->AWESOME<-!!

Thank you. Spread the word. It’d be a shame to miss this great piece of Vancouver outdoor creativity. It needs to be encouraged.

EDIT: I have reserved 6 tickets for Wednesday, August 15 at 7pm.