spare me

I don’t need to know you at The Secret Knots.

Ohio is freaking me out. Basically there’s a bill going through that would make it so women seeking abortions would have to get the permission of the father of the fetus before she was allowed to have one. My understatement: It’s creepy and Americans should all raise hell.

Makeshift submarine found in East River. flickr set here. Kudos to Duke Riley for making a functional replica of a Revolutionary War era submarine and being brave enough to try it in Brooklyn waters.

So, as if to piss me off, I have discovered today that the little child that has been running about over my head in the apartment above me this past month can’t actually exist. I have been under the misapprehension that Amy was going to be moving into apartment 302, so I thought nothing of it, but alas, no. Apparently, she is moving into apartment 301, the one with the joyful stomp-about-the-house toddler who occasionally drops heavy-sounding objects. We went upstairs together for the first time today. Upstairs to a completely empty apartment.

So I asked, of course, entirely innocently, “so who the heck is the little kid that’s been running around in here?!” Amy‘s eyes went shining wide and she asked, “You’ve been hearing it too?” Of course I have, so has everyone who’s been over visiting for the past three weeks! It even kept me up a little last night. Whoops. Apparently there have been no visiters, no tenant, no anything.

Ergo, my roommate is moving into a dead baby apartment.

Either that or, my theory, it has either been left unlocked and someone in the building has been using it as a bit of an unofficial nursery.