fun for free

I’m being shown off in strange and wonderful corners of the internet this week. I suppose this means I should pick up writing again, give people something to find when they get here. Anyone have topic suggestions? My mind’s on other things; work, photography, how to raise money for a better camera, (damn you Frank), a stop-motion magic video I’m story-boarding in my head I might film tonight to welcome Mike back from his tour of Australia.

Tonight James and I are going to a Yaletown gallery opening that features photos from my friends Keith and Lung.

I suspect Lung actually forgot all about it, as when he called me last night to gloat over being in California and ask what it’s called when furries get together and cuddle, he seemed surprised it was happening this week. Terrible what fame can do to a boy.

Edit: COILHOUSE has now linked me too, from a completely different source.
Edit: Turns out it was a Naomi Liu at the gallery. Given that the poster only presented last names, this could have been less surprising.