socalled live at the jcc

365 day fifty-five: good ol' days

Josh is thrilled that I recorded his Vancouver gig, which makes me happy, and mitagates all possible feelings of uncertainty that I might have had in presenting it to you, my dear readers.

So, without further ado: My bootleg of SOCALLED Live at the JCC.

Socalled is liberally funky, flawlessly presenting a wicked klezmer fusion of extraordinary experiment, featuring intelligent jazz, sparkling piano, and witty hip-hop, mildly accented with a surprising dash of country. The musicianship displayed is blinding. All that and he’s charming.

My little recording doesn’t capture even a tenth of how impossibly good the music was, but it might give you enough of an idea to make sure you don’t miss the next chance you have to attend one of the concerts. I’d rather accidentally fall on a knife.
Socalled on MySpace

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