I’m alive!

I picked up my passport today. The pretty young man behind the counter had a chocolate coin festively tied around his neck with shining pink-yellow ribbon. When I asked about it, he explained he’d won an award in the office today, then slyly showed me a glimpse of a rather official looking document that stated OFFICE CLOWN. "That’s a good thing to win for," I said. "The best," he replied, "sign here." And that was it. Everything’s done. I can now legally leave the country.

Current travel dates

Vancouver to Calgary, June 19th – Calgary to Vancouver, June 22st

  • photograph Gavin and Rikki’s most official wedding yet

    Vancouver to Seattle, June 26th

  • pack, teasingly berate Tony for not
  • possibly move house (unlikely, see above note)
  • visit hackerbot labs w. Willow

    Seattle to San Fransisco, July 1st – San Fransisco to Seattle, July 6th

  • attend PubSquat ’09
  • visit…
  • friends .. like you?
  • NoiseBridge (shake fist at those attending Tor Camp in Seattle)
  • The Long Now Foundation
  • Paxton Gate
  • Musee Mechanique
  • ??? (suggestions welcome)
  • Seattle to Vancouver, July 6/7th