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I was pulled into a conversation recently regarding first impressions, social interaction and all manner of related sundry, and it came out that I was being asked for basic rules of conduct. Oddly, I had some. Here’s what spilled:

Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t steal. Never agree to be in a relationship kept secret. Never stay for love alone or if the other is in it purely for sport. It might not feel like it, but there are six billion people on this planet and you are compatible with a fair chunk of them, so don’t lose hope if it doesn’t work out. Fib if you must, on the level of secret surprise birthday parties or spending the morning in bed with your lover but telling your boss you’re sick, but nothing more important should ever be anything but truth. In games, in relationships, any time you are responsible for someone else, you had better damned well be responsible for them, and make sure you take care of them as well or better as you care for yourself. Campground rules, ever and always, making sure everyone is better when you leave them then when you found them, always and ever, amen.

There was some other blather, (if you’re showing yourself as other than you are to make a good first impression, then don’t expect people to stick around later when you reveal yourself to be other than you presented, not to worry so much about comparing yourself to other people, because that’s precisely what those other people are doing too), all basics, but new to my friend, which got me thinking again about what other people take for granted that I don’t know yet.

It was years before I discovered the best way to brush my hair is in the shower with conditioner, but as soon as I had the revelation, and explained it, it seemed it was an accidental secret, everyone else just assumed I knew.

So, in the interest of education, amusement, and conversation, what’re yours?

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