Vancouver: want a CD of your brain? want to learn about MEG?

I wish I’d found out about this sooner. Hells yes I want a CD of my brain. Doesn’t everybody?

Hello friends and friends of friends, I’m in a big rush to recruit participants for a brain imaging study I’m doing. If you’re a healthy adult and you think it’d be cool to have a CD with images of your brain, and wouldn’t mind making some money for your time, let me know. Also feel free to pass this message on to anyone who might be interested.

The brain scanning procedures we’re using are totally safe; there’s no radiation involved. However, the MRI scanner does involve a really strong magnet, so if you have any metal in your body we can’t do the scan (if the metal were to move, it would be ‘bad times’). We also need all of our participants to be both physically and mentally healthy and have no history of mental illness (e.g. depression, anxiety problems, etc…) or drug addiction.

If you decide to do the study, we’ll need you to do two scans on separate dates. Before the end of Nov, there would be an MEG scan in Burnaby (10 blocks from Sperling Skytrain Stn). Then there would later be an MRI scan at UBC.

To participate, send an email to