the glamour of travel

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Named number one in the world at the Tanith and Rabbit Readers’ Awards, I was chosen by readers from among several categories including handmade, destinations, surgeons, airlines and chocolate fluffers. I am so pleased to have won first place! Set on one of the largest reefs of information in North America’s Atomic Atoll, all my teeth enjoy beautiful ocean views and direct access to the latest in impromptu government hand-outs. Nowhere else in my bloodstream is there such exclusive light, flame, and soft, crackling fur. I am home to private villas, with secluded whispering nail beds and overly lush tropical greenery, (installed primarily by only the best fashion designers), and waterfalls set above each eye. I am eco-friendly, and bathe daily in the clear, protected waters of my ergonomic ocular lagoons. The freestanding bamboo arches of my feet, the cocoa butter oiled hinges of my elbows, and the high, airy rafts of my ribs and hands are complemented by spacious ceilings, curved moldings, and various personal breakthroughs, allowing for a variety of personal entertainment and dining options. Among the largest vacation destinations in the world, my emotions are detached, expansive and equally luxurious. For more information, visit your nearest rope bridge and dial my number on your favourite telephonic device. Operators will be waiting soon.