assembling the artillery

356:2010/01/31 - aeroship hers
356:2010/01/31 – aeroship hers

My eyes burn when they blink from staring too long at a screen. Today has been a day of creating and back aches and forgetting to stretch or to eat or to move. It is good, as now I can sit back and see what I have accomplished, which is not insignificant, and feel less like I am wasting my life, using my hours and minutes up, moment by moment, until the day I suddenly wake, years too late, and realize, all through my life, that nothing’s been done.

Today’s accomplishments are all small things, though cumulative, as I’m in the midst of readying essential files for a laser cutter and readying them for thread, hacking out approximations of finished forms, sourcing where I should go for prints, and other various sundries. My computer, through all of this, acting as teacher, toolbox, and friend. I’ve also managed to finish a rough draft for my new website, nothing spectacular, but functional, and hopefully not too impossible to build.

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