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Threadless is doing one of their suprise $10 shirt sales.

Speaking of shirts, I have been amassing materials and designs, readying the next launch of A Thread of Grace inventory, but I have done a very silly thing; I have regretfully left all the actual shirts behind in Vancouver by accident. Which, my unwavering loves, is why I have been posting chalkboards and photography prints rather than clothes, what my shop is ostensibly all about. Thankfully, however, those tiny things, though not enough to pay my rent, are evidently interesting enough to snag me a spot of grocery money! Hoorah! And now that I’m stocked up with materials, I should be able to jump right into production once I’m back in Vancouver.

The Olympics seem so very hit and miss, wonderful yet awful, that I’m even more torn about returning to Vancouver than usual. It’s been almost flat amazing to be so out of reach of all the rah rah corporate saturation, patriotic fluff, and Olympics controversy. Controversy that is unlikely ever to be resolved, given I have hope that the city will be improved by hosting the Olympics, even as I know how badly Vancouver tends to cock things up. Vancouver’s a city with very few good ideas and perpetually poor execution. Like how it finally has a rail line to the airport, but it runs up Cambie instead of Arbutus, and it doesn’t stop at all between 9th and 25th or 25th and 41st, where people need to go. Like how we’re hosting the Olympics and showing off our cultural might while cutting 90% of all arts funding.

Case in point, I’m looking forward to seeing what the giant downtown party is like and trying out the free Olympic Zipline, just as much as I’m terrific glad to have been absent for the violent anti-Olympics protests. (For once, something exciting in town I am glad to have missed.)

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