about to go out into the light

“There is a verifiable population of kangaroos living in the wild in the township of Émancé, about an hour outside of Paris. The kangaroos are descended from a breeding population which escaped during a botched burglary attempt at an animal park in the 1970s.”

Shaking the last bit of milk out of the carton into my bunny and flower shaped local health-food alternative to kid’s cereal, I realize I’ve just played mimic, my hand repeating the exact motions of shaking the last sound out of an electric boot. Looking to find meaning in the moment, given that this is breakfast, (and breakfast should always involve a certain level of introspection), I expand the spark of revelation into the far more liberating idea that my past will be very little like my future. Life might be financially hard right now, but in this minute, it is not at all apparent. I feel free standing in the kitchen, held by the love of the past twenty four hours, my friends, the future. I have sunlight, food and this associated gesture grasped in my hand, a physical manifestation of what I have accomplished, who I have become close to. The prosaic motion of my wrist has blossomed into a crack in time, sluicing away some of the hard, bitter veneer painted on my skin by bad history. Poor past choices are flaking away, being replaced by wonderful new memories almost every single day. Though I might be damaged, I am recovering. Though I am alone, I am not lonely.