you monster (this is a triumph)

Portal: No Escape

A bit of interesting trivia: this short was scored by Mike Zarin, the person responsible for the soundtrack of the first Inception trailer, the one featuring the giant, iconic THRUM which laid the groundwork for Hans Zimmer’s score to the film.

See also: The Gary Hudston Project, an elaborate in-game proposal level, and how it came into being.

one of my favourite pieces at moma

Lunar Alphabet II (1978-9) & Lunar Sentence II (1978-9) by Leandro Katz

Lunar Alphabet II (1978-9) & Lunar Sentence II (1978-9) by Leandro Katz.

Silver gelatin prints from an Argentine artist, born 1938. The decoded sentence reads, “When we pulverize words, what is left is neither mere noise nor arbitrary, pure elements, but still other words, reflection of an invisible and yet indelibible representation: this is the myth in which we now transcribe the most obscure and real powers of language.”