come on down to the house

Don’t try to rush things:
for the cup to run over,
it must first be filled.

by Antonio Machado

We’re staying in an unexpectedly large little flat in Harlem. The flight was delayed, the bus driver left without us, so we missed our first day completely to travel, but we got here in the end. New York. Yesterday we wandered a bit of SoHo, going to the Evolution Store and the Animazing Gallery for the Froud family exhibit, which was unexpectedly stunning, before walking over to Supper for dinner with Matthew. From there we sloped over to The Pit for Wednesday’s free improv night.

Today we’re going to the Museum of Natural History, where I’m going to try and lick a dinosaur. Also today: Sleep No More.

Tomorrow we’re going to Shopsin’s for breakfast and The New Museum to go down the three story slide, as well as Dances of Vice: The Moonlight Circus. (To which I’ve just won a ticket upgrade, which I can either put towards a regular upgrade or two more tickets and a reserved table. Woo!).

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