a summary

This is one of my favorite memes. It’s a look at the last year, through the first line of my first blog post of each month.

  1. the failed canary in the lightswitch
  2. a crow carrying pearls
  3. sometimes we have the same colour iris
  4. commitment/abandonment
  5. it's may day: make a joyful noise
  6. confluence
  7. artpost: something I could never do
  8. I'm going back
  9. a memoir
  10. heavy traffic
  11. at the late night double feature picture show
  12. this is it, the only life we have to live

Looking over my archives, it's clear that this is the year I've written the least. (Two unresponsive partners in a row destroyed my craft to the point where I wonder if I'll ever get it back.) Perhaps I'll find it's a matter of practice. Perhaps I should resolve to write every day, no matter the topic, and if all I have is unhappiness, regret, pain, and sorrow, than I should write anyway, damn my efforts to keep up the tone. I've lost love this year, and trust, and joy, and my partner, and my most intimate friendship. The people closest to me let me down the most, in every possible way. There is death everywhere. And struggle. My body is broken, my heart an open wound, and my life bleak in almost every direction. I have no work, no income, and no future. Losing my writing should at least be my last straw. My writing and my pictures. Once I stop creating, what is there that's left?

So what about your year? What did it look like?