I will find something good

Sergey Semonov, a Russian photographer, submitted the image to the Epson International Photographic Pano Awards,
and took first prize in the amateur category. Click through for more information and to see it full size.

Music: I ate too much.
Music: Typhoon – Summer Home.

Back in the land of suicide skies and itchy wet socks and art blind glass condominiums and witty t-shirt fashion and life locked down to a room, a computer, and an eternal quest for more work. New York I miss you already, your ornate, cake icing architecture, your brave pedestrians and perpetual strangers, even your extreme lack of green. Solid, implacable, a foundation of streets. Lay me down against your bitter cold winter, press me against your well tailored desperation, let me rest in the hollow of your inspiring anonymity. Stone to the horizon in every direction.

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