Mike & Karina

Mike & Karina




Mike’s girlfriend is a sweet, appealing girl with a fast smile and clever eyes. (He met her while living in Santiago, Chile). She primarily speaks Spanish, which I mostly understand but can no longer speak, while I primarily speak English, which she can read, but not easily comprehend when spoken. We both lack the complex vocabulary. Mike acts as a guide between us, he explains and untangles our words. We all laugh in the right places, though, and manage complex topics like feminism, family structures, culture maps, information design, game theory, and politics. The language gap could have been awkward had we been other people, but instead it became entertainment, a brainteaser we share and enjoy.

Facebook Friend Portrait #18 – Mike Kitt

Facebook Friend #18 - Mike
Facebook Friend #18 – Mike

I met Mike when he mistook me for a model at a dance party when we were teenagers in Vancouver together,
before he went off to travel the world as a video game designer. He is back in Montreal now, which is slightly
more convenient to visit than Santiago, and I am honoured to have such a clever and intelligent man as a friend.
My favourite thing to share about Mike might be the collection of semi-precious stone spheres he displays to
accurately represent the size of the planets of both our home system of Sol and that of the Star Wars universe.

My Facebook Friends Portrait project began when I hit 1000 friends on Facebook in 2012. The project is on-going and shall continue until I take a portrait of every FB friend I have.