can’t stop laughing that he slept with my sister

my finale
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Today’s dose of Cultural Disphoria brought to you by the colour Bollywood, DC comics, and the letter Internet!

I’m sitting in the studio corner of Alastair‘s apartment, listening to a Janis Joplin and Tom Jones duet from 1970, and tidying a script intended for his summer students. (I work for free here as kitty-rent, on Saturday we made a table, tomorrow Nicole and I start painting). The cats are glad to have me home, taking turns unraveling the ribbon hem of my skirt and hunting the raindrops sliding down the window, purring as I grin at lines like, “Get me [amount]cc’s of [something that brings people back to life]”. We might be back to a terminal case of No Sky No Weather, but I have declared an Awesome zone today, so it’s not affecting me as it usually would. Both RC and Basco were in the paper today, tonight is Seder dinner with Silva, and, last night after Network and a dinner of white chocolate fondue, as I stood wrapped in a king size blanket on a balcony overlooking downtown, my heart of snow redefining the word romantic, I felt like the luckiest little arsonist that ever was.

edit: download: dj tripp – tear my sharona apart