how do indoor cats catch fleas?

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Arrived home to a chemical tang, even with the windows wide open. Three fleas were found in the last four weeks, which is two fleas too many, so David took it upon himself to powder the carpets and wash, collar, and pest-poison the cats while I was away. Given that they have never had a bath before, I can’t help but feel he was terribly brave.

Also, for the record, apparently off-the-shelf hairball medicine is marketed as “cat lube”.

I just need you to tell me it’s okay

help with what you can

My cats turned one year old Oct. 11th. I missed it, I was on set from 6 a.m. until 10:30, then had to be back at 6 again the next day, so stayed at a friend’s house. This month, for the wonder that is TV-land, I have played a high-school student, a college student, an art teacher, a senator’s daughter, (wayward, of course, complete with musician boyfriend, hah), and someone waiting in line at the DMV. Next week I’m to mock-attend an upscale banquet at an international embassy, a prom, and an Irish pub.

It’s lovely-strange, the background work I’ve been doing. Like a low level hum, I’ve been reconnecting with friends, making new ones, and generally being paid to be social. Other things have been neglected, though, and I hope to rectify that soon. Chores littered with hyphens, mostly, (house-work, copy-editing, e-mail…), but there are legitimately important things too. I need to write copy for Foxtongue that I don’t immediately delete with a sense of despair. Every time I read a finished newsletter out loud, I feel as if it should be crumpled into fish-wrap, and I promptly scrap it. I’m beginning to think I should have someone else over to write it, someone who could translate my nihilistic ranting on the project into something cohesive and actually useful.

As Vonnegut said so succinctly, “There’s only one rule that I know of, babies — God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

no one’s staying settled

The search for a new flatmate is over. Marika De Mooey will be moving in August 6th. She brings with her multiple snakes, a cat, and a coffin for a coffee table. I think we’ll get along just fine.

Jenn and Fitz are looking for a new place to live. Here’s their Craigslist ad.

Some people have voices warm as low flute on a summer night. Even over the phone, their kindness flows like warm honey, curling like a loved one’s hand, their words the solid grip of consideration. There is something of their timbre that soothes, that creates a space where only you and they exist, a thick shroud of direct appreciation. It’s a little like falling into a book the colour and texture of sunflowers.

Chelsea is moving to Chicago for three months, so she’s giving her lovely cats away.

izzy1 izzy2
neo1 neo2

She says, “Izzy is a lean orange tabby, about 3-4 years old, and is clutzy and wonderful. He can talk sometimes but is generally quiet and gets along great with other cats when he gets to know them. He is very relaxed and SUPER affectionate. Being young, he does still love to play but is also content to just relax with you. Izzy is SUPER tolerant of everything and just loves to be around you.

Neo is a cat I rescued from a friend who adopted him but decided to give him up after only two months of having him! He is black with a small white bib and is VERY well behaved. It took him a little longer to get used to the other cats (about 5 days rather than 3) and he loves people. He is about 5 years old and reminds me of a panther. He strikes me as a cat who has been outside before, which I can’t say about the other two.

They all get along GREAT with people and kids alike and enjoy the company of other cats. Neo loves his new friends but would be just fine on his own. All my boys are classified as pretty big cats but they are SUPER calm and are very content to just relax with you.”

EDIT: homes for all the kitties have been found. Thanks!

can’t stop laughing that he slept with my sister

my finale
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Today’s dose of Cultural Disphoria brought to you by the colour Bollywood, DC comics, and the letter Internet!

I’m sitting in the studio corner of Alastair‘s apartment, listening to a Janis Joplin and Tom Jones duet from 1970, and tidying a script intended for his summer students. (I work for free here as kitty-rent, on Saturday we made a table, tomorrow Nicole and I start painting). The cats are glad to have me home, taking turns unraveling the ribbon hem of my skirt and hunting the raindrops sliding down the window, purring as I grin at lines like, “Get me [amount]cc’s of [something that brings people back to life]”. We might be back to a terminal case of No Sky No Weather, but I have declared an Awesome zone today, so it’s not affecting me as it usually would. Both RC and Basco were in the paper today, tonight is Seder dinner with Silva, and, last night after Network and a dinner of white chocolate fondue, as I stood wrapped in a king size blanket on a balcony overlooking downtown, my heart of snow redefining the word romantic, I felt like the luckiest little arsonist that ever was.

edit: download: dj tripp – tear my sharona apart